Saturday, September 28, 2019

Kings Kids Poland

Our whole discipleship King’s Kids group was able to serve at a Christian Festival with Nick Vujicic in Wroclaw. It was such privilege to bring Peace, Love and Happiness to a place where it was needed.

God was really leading us even though we found out that the organizers did not know how to use us. It was strange because when we came we felt that nobody needed us there. When we started to pray God showed us His heart. A heart to bless and be open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

A half hour later we were on the stage sharing testimony and worshiping God because one band who was supposed to come canceled their concert. It was amazing to see people so hungry to listen about what God did in our kids’lives! We were able to pray for people, but as well serve practically by cleaning, serving lemonade or carrying stuff from place to place.

We were very happy to just be together building relationship amongst us! It was so amazing to be in worship and serve others during evangelistic times with Nick Vujicic in the big stadium where around 45 thousand people gathered to listen about Jesus.

A week later we were in the East part of Poland serving among kids from this area. The gathering was called “Within Range” and was challenging preteens to see what their connection with God is like. Our young disciples were able to share and serve by sharing their testimonies.

At the end of this month we started our 6th Multi-generation Camp where around 175 people from Poland and other part of the world came to learn how to Grow and Go as a family.

It was an incredible time of learning how important it is to surrender to God to make steps with Him. Weare so happy that God was challenging couples, parents and single parents to see the importance having roots in His word. Our guests were Al and Carolyn Akimoff who did an amazing job challenging all generations to submit to God and go to share His gospel. 

Our worship times during the night were such amazing experiences, when Heaven meets earth. the young people were such an inspiration to many adults by praying, prophesying as well encouraging others! God did amazing things around kids and teens! We were able to experience His present and not only keep it to ourselves, but pass it to others! The last day we went to sharethe gospel in three different locations where we simply sing, dance, cleaned up, and talk to people by showing them GOD’S LOVE! We had people respond for the gospel, we saw tears, happiness and real joy! 170 people sharing HIS love! God changed us as well! There are so many stories of how God spoke to us and showed us personal stuff which we were able give it to Him! Hallelujah!

We are so thankful to God for the big mission team from Rivertree church in Alabama! How awesome it was to serve with them! We are so thankful for King’s Kids El Paso who came for a month as well!

I’m not able to write everything but one of the testimonies which remains in my heart was when a young man shared how God helped him not to commit suicide and how grateful he is that God changed his heart.

After our camp we went for a week to Budapest in Hungary where we were able to serve with YWAMon the streets, among the homeless, and in churches! it was incredible to observe the young generation growing in His grace! God did amazing thing on the streets! People were praying to receive God in their lives!

God was protecting us as we were serving there as well. There were so many other spiritual things happening around us. People were selling drugs, some pimps were selling woman… But His present and power cleaned this place, even one New Age woman who tried somehow to join us finally saw that Jesus is the reason we are at that place! The metro and trams were also full of worship and bringing God joy!

After coming from Budapest we stopped the little town of Ustron in the south of Poland where we worked with a local church! It was such an amazing God time ofreleasingthe potential in kids as well as linking generations! Our God! In the simple ways we were moving and touching lives! The key was encouragement and the simple gospel. Later on some kids went for a mini mission King’s Kids camp where the Holy Spirit touched them and transformed! Hallelujah! 

God is working among the young people in Poland! 
by Greg Skrobarczyk
Warsaw, Poland

Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Bible for every tourist

Here at YWAM Durres, as every other summer, during July and August we ran the project "A Bible for every tourist, reaching the Balkans"

We came together 9 teams, 118 people, from various nations to share the gospel in creative ways through dancing, dramas, worship, facepainting, games, balloon shaping and many more.

This year we were able to give out 9280 New Testament, magazines for adults and booklets for children. We did ministry in 5 prisons, two local churches, gave food and the gospel to the poor and needy people on the streets and prayed for healing at the children public hospital. We did gardening, cleaning, prayer walks and prayer in a neighbour Muslim mosque. Had great times of hearing God, worshiping and doing prophetic workshops and fun cultural nights. 

We shared the gospel and prayed for many people for salvation and healing. Many accepted God and were interested to hear the gospel and receive prayers. We faced a growth in hunger and openness for God in people to the point of them following us and asking to be prayed for and to receive a Bible.

At this point in 4 years time of this project we have given out 33280 New Testaments and booklets for children. Glory goes to God and gratitude to all who joined us in this adventure. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

YWAM Lesvos

“I know now what has been missing all along; love. It’s always been about love.” 

-       Summer Program Participant '19

This summer myself and 8 others had the opportunity to participate in the Summer program with YWAM Lesvos, where we learned how to live and serve in love. Not cheap love, like you see in the movies or sometimes even hear thrown about in church, but real, sacrificial love that can only come through abiding in Jesus. A love that does not belong to us, but is given as a gift anyway. 

A lot can be said about this program and how God used it to change, refine and perfect the hearts of each of the 9 people who went on this journey, mine included. We spent the weekends bonding with each other (mostly through water fights) and exploring the island. During the week we engaged in sweet moments of prayer and worship in the mornings and busy afternoons/evenings filled with ministry. We spent most of our ministry time at the Community Center serving refugees or in Mytilene building relationships with Greeks on the island. 

During our time I was able to witness miracles of God as men and women who grew up in Isalm decided to renounce their faith and become followers of Jesus. I saw God be glorified through simple acts of obedience from my brothers and sisters as they engaged in conversations and prayed for the people that God brought to them. Above all I was challenged to live a life that recklessly abandons everything in order to put God above all things. All for the sake of love. 

When I try to sum up this summer I am reminded of the story in the gospels where Jesus multiplies the 2 fish and 5 loaves to feed the 5,000. Nine people gave up a few weeks out of their summer and God multiplied that sacrifice in unbelievable ways. Whether it was freeing someone from something they have been struggling with, showing another new revelations of Jesus, using someone to proclaim salvation or bringing someone else into a new awareness of God’s love. In just 8 weeks God unified a group of people from all over the world to bring them into a greater understanding of who He is and what He is doing on the island of Lesvos. That is love.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Summer Nightlife Outreach 2019

Seeing the young people in the party scene transformed through an encounter with Jesus! That is what Summer Nightlife Outreach is all about!

After bringing the first teams into our holiday resorts in the summer of 2017, we ran 
a summer long outreach in 2018. This year we knew we wanted to bring Summer Nightlife Outreach to the rest of Europe. 
God brought an awesome team together to help organize a great outreach into the bigger party resorts in Europe. Nine months of praying, planning, networking, recruiting and more planning later it was finally happening: on the 15th of July, one by one the participants started finding their way to the training facility of YWAM Barcelona.

We had three days of awesome teaching in which we incorporated an outreach into Barcelona’s nightlife. After these three days we send three teams out into three different party locations: Albufeira Portugal, Hvar Croatia and Thessaloniki Greece.

We have seen Jesus move very powerfully in each one of the outreaches. Below is one of the many testimonies:

“Two Irish guys came to ask if we knew where the taxi boats were, because they wanted to visit a nightclub at another island. One of my friends told them where the boats were, but she also told them that we had something better than alcohol and drugs. One of them got interested, and he started to ask what it was, and how he could take it. She told him that what we have is called HS (Holy Spirit) and that if you take it you never have to take anything else! “But you can only receive it through prayer.”
So we were given the opportunity to pray for him.

Man... we couldn't even finish our prayer. This guy took a step back, telling us that he started to feel something in his body, something so strong! He started to freak out: "What have you done to me? What is going on? This is not real, this is not real!" 
He was freaking out for 15 min, while we tried to explain that it was the Holy Spirit that touched Him. He didn't want to believe it. So we prayed for him a second time..

Again he went crazy.. He started to panic: “I cannot believe in God because no one from my family believes in God!” We calmly tried to explain to him how much God loves him. He wanted us to pray for him a third time to see if he would experience the Holy Spirit again. So we prayed a third time for him. Then he could only exclaim "Fxxx… God exists, God is real!" He started to cry, just having had his first experience with God's love... someone's love that he didn't know existed. 

The next night he came to us with all his friends: about ten of them. We prayed for all of them.. and guess what? All of them experienced God's love.

Interested to join us next year? Save the dates: July 18th - August 1st. Register online on

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Slovakia Family Camp

What started as a small, pilot, family camp 21 years ago has grown into YWAM Slovakia Family Ministries that now provides support, training and resources to hundreds of couples and families in Slovakia and beyond. 

This summer we ran three family camps with over 470 participants, including children and our team. The theme #balance explored our need for balance in our life, work and life, what to do when our lives are unbalanced and where to find our fixed point. 
We began each camp day laughing with a highly creative and original puppet show that introduced the day's topic. Then our guest speakers -  1- Brian and Chris Clarke (UK), 2- Christoph and Eveline Leu (CH) and 3- Al and Carolyn Akimoff (USA) - shared Biblical teaching and practical application along with many stories from their own life. Evening small groups helped people connect and process what they had heard. The afternoons were full of fun and sports for the whole family, as well as outreach opportunities to evangelize on the streets or do some practical work at our YWAM base. A highlight of each week was the romantic evening, where couples relaxed and enjoyed quality time together, while their children were cared for by our amazing volunteers. 
The childrens program is one of the most important aspects of the camp and we have a small army of talented, young volunteers who prepare and run it. They don't just play with the kids but help them to grow in their relationship with God too. 
One of the camps was specifically for families with teenagers. That week Alon and Raja Grimberg and their King's Kids Israel group challenged the teens to go deeper in their relationship with God. The Slovak and Israeli teens had a blast together, became good friends and encountered the Father's love in a profound way. 
We are awed by what God has done through these camps over the years. Families have found encouragement and strength to last the whole year. People have made new friends, formed prayer groups and started new initiatives to impact society. Marriages have been saved, parents have learnt how to relate to their teens and whole families have come to know Christ as their savior. When the Father's love touches the hearts of His children it brings much needed balance to their lives.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Move OUT | Poland

Three hundred young people were coming to Warsaw from Germany, United States, Poland, Ukraine and Egypt to take part in our Mission Event "MOVE OUT", where we would have one week of GO Camp and then send 20 teams to different places throughout Warsaw. A month before they arrived, we did NOT have anywhere for them to stay! But God was faithful and through the district Mayor of Zoliborz we were given the use of a huge school completely for free! The young people came and stood before God to seek His heart for Warsaw and during that first prep week we saw how God broke their heart for this city!

The most teachable moment in the prep week happened when we were able to host the World War II survivors, actually they were all people who were involved in the "The Warsaw Uprising" who came to meet with us and share their story. We found out that school which we had been given to use for our mission camp happen to be a place where Warsaw Uprising started. We felt this was so significant spiritually. We were able to pray for the survivors and thank them for their example of fighting even they knew that they had no chance to win. Our wonderful guests were so excited and encouraged that some of them decided not to attend another government event to just sit with us and eat dinner. 

We do not have the space to write all testimonies about the outreaches and what was happening during this time. God used amazingly used young and older people as a team to reach the unreached in hospitals, soccer fields, playgrounds, streets, subway, buses, homeless shelters, parks, squares, kitchen for needy people. 300 young missionaries spread around Warsaw and were like a wave which touched places! 

I was able to see how a young girl was able for the first time bring another young girl to Jesus! I was witness to my own daughter who were encouraging other team members to stand in faith by sharing her heart how we all can serve. I heard about healing, deliverance and tons of prayers. 

We also sent three teams to different places: Zakopane, Namyslow and Brno in Czech Republic. Team who went to Zakopane were able to work with a Catholic camp, sharing about Jesus.

The team in Namyslow shared Jesus love among Punk people at a Punk festival - it was such experience to serve breakfast and Jesus in the same time. 

In Brno our team were able to encourage the local King’s Kids leader and share gospel among young people and churches. 

Words cannot describe how much God worked through this Mission Camp in Warsaw and beyond. It was so encouraging to see how God went before us, and provided the right place at the right time, and used us to touch so many people with His love! 

Thank-you to everyone who was involved in making this project a success! 

-Greg and Erin Skrobarczyk
YWAM Warsaw, Poland

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

YWAM Together | Thailand 2018

What can I say about YWAM Together 2018? I was part of the organising team after being invited by Rebecca Gibbons (who used to be in the Czech Republic and we worked together as the CE communications team until she moved to Thailand in 2012). It was a privilege to be part of such a well-run event. There were almost 4000 people from over 100 nations and 77 languages, including over 300 from secure nations, and yet even with tight security and loads of people, everything more or less ran like clockwork.
There were amazing speakers, worship by teams from all across the globe, and cultural dances from many nations. It was wonderful to see how many of the people up on stage were not Westerners and when they were there, they were often translating into English instead of being the main speaker. That says something!

The theme of the whole conference came from Revelation 4:1 “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” I felt that this is what heaven would look like - so many different nations together in one place and worshipping Him!

In the middle of the conference they sent everyone out into Pattaya city to do some sort of outreach - from prison ministry to schools, to bible distribution. Seriously well organised - sending out 3500 people!! Here are some of the statistics from that day:

This should be the way we do conferences: sending everyone out in the middle to reach out to the people in that place! What an impact!

On the day after the conference finished, I was part of a gathering of leaders from all over the world. It was the main reason I went - to be a part of that meeting on behalf of Central Europe. And out of the over 100 leaders there, I just happened to sit at the table with our founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham and some other senior leaders. It was completely by accident and it was so wonderful to be able to share with them some of the things going on in our region since they were with us in 2016. And also to be able to hear from them and other leaders directly about how the new Area Circle Teams are supposed to function. What a privilege!

I am still reeling from all that happened in that week, and even though it was a lot to take in, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing gathering.

Otherwise, I leave you with the highlight video of the whole week... it is amazing and gives a feel for what it was like to have so many people from so many different countries together in one place: Enjoy!

- Belinda Chaplin
YWAM Central Europe Convener