Friday, April 6, 2018

YWAM Craiova - Romania

Craiova, Romania's 6th largest city and capital of Dolj County, is a beautiful city in SW   Romania with about 300 000 people, but in a very big need for  the Gospel.                        Total of evangelical christians in our town is less than 1%. The majority are Orthodox.     The need of workers is really big and we believe God is raising up His people in this part of Romania, so that it will not be considered anymore one of the poorest parts of             Romania economically and spiritually.
It is also a strategic place for the Balkans, and we believe God will use us to bring His     Kingdom all around this region.

YWAM Craiova is a young ministry in a pioneering situation, but with a great team full of enthusiasm, living a  dream with God, who is making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert  (Isaiah 43:19).
Our vision is to help our generation to know the Lord and to fulfill God’s calling for His   glory, and to bring  transformation to society, and all nations!
Depending on God, we are committed for Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship of youthEquip workers and leaders, Mobilize for mission, Mercy ministries and Church Planting and Coaching.
We started in 2015: a family with 2 small kids and a girl, all romanians.    Now, after almost 3 years, we are a team of  10 long-term staff from      Romania, Brasil and Republic of  MoldovaAs a team we function in English and Romanian.
Our ministry involves running a DTS each year and other seminars: 
Church Planting Course 
World View Seminar
Relationships seminars
Mission Conference
Kairos Course

Ema Bogdan
Craiova, Romania

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hope dies last

We started the ministry Hope Dies Last as a response to encountering so many people from the Central Europe region who had been trafficked to Western Europe. Nearly 4 years ago we moved to Budapest at the invitation of Carmelita and Yohanan to continue working towards creating prevention and educational tools around the topic of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. We fell in love with the region and hope to see more YWAMers focus long-term on this part of the world. 

Since moving to Budapest, Hope Dies Last has created tools like The Book of Love for front-line ministries to use to connect to the more than 1 million people in prostitution across the continent. The Book of Love is a beautifully designed 186 page pocket-sized book in 6 regional languages. Currently this book which contains the gospel of John, life affirming art and hotline numbers is in use by more than 50 ministries. To meet demand we've started a fully redesigned version in Russian which will be ready for distribution this Summer.

We've also developed connections with regional anti-trafficking ministries and help facilitate the Shine Conference to create a more cohesive network to share information and encouragement. The next Shine Conference is in Bad Blankenburg, Germany this October 4-7. If you are interested you can contact us at

Through our networking in the region, we've seen a need for more focused and trained anti-trafficking staff. To help meet this need we are partnering with YWAM Perth for an anti-human trafficking Discipleship Training School this Summer/Fall semester. The Priceless x Hope Dies Last DTS will consist of 5 weeks of lecture in Perth followed by 7 weeks in Budapest. Outreach for the 30+ students will be in Germany, the Balkans and the Middle East. More info:

Chad S

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

God of miracles - YWAM Athens

God has yet again shown us in YWAM Athens that He is a God of miracles and faithfulness!

Athens was invaded yet again with the outreach “YWAM United”, 300 people in outreach teams mainly from bases around in California. We had an incredible time with them and saw many people come to the Lord. They who received Jesus were taken to churches, where they can get fellowship with others.

This is a brief list of what we saw:

* Salvations -73
Healings -142
* Bibles -481
* Baptisms -15 
* Haircuts -60
* 5- camps we shared the gospel
* 2- families got into housing
* Preached at a terrorist camp
* 50 -scarves handed out
* 40+ Gift bags
* So much discipleship 
* Make overs
* Hosted people in homes for meals 
* Deliverances
* Many pickpocketers stopped
* 130 gifts given to women in white light district (brothels) 
* Soup distribution 
* 300 lbs of food 
* Murals painted
* Helped someone start a business 
* Help resource jobs
* Refurnished houses
* Paint projects
* Played with so many kids
Art ministry

The most radical healing happened on the metro with one of our guys (Kostas) who received Jesus in November. Kostas was together with a leader from California when the metro stopped and announced that a man had gotten a heart attack. Over the speaker they asked if there was a doctor on board. Our new believer, Kostas, was sure that God is the alternate doctor and the leader followed him to find the man that was unconscious. When they found the man, he didnt have any pulse, but Kostas took his hand and prayed out loud in Greek. The man that were unconscious opened his eyes and was immediately healed and brought back to life!!

YWAM Athens

Sunday, March 4, 2018

YWAM Thessaloniki and YWAM Athens is getting registered

YWAM will be called Νεοι με Αποστολι (NEMA) in Greece. We signed the papers that start the process on the 9th of March. It will be the first time YWAM has ever been registered in Greece. We feel that it is important for us to register legally, to put a «stake in the ground», to show that we are not moving away from Greece. This time we trust God for that YWAM/NEMA will be established in Greece after several attempts in the past.

It will also potentially solve a lot of the problems we are facing for our Non-European long-term staff. We will hopefully have the registration done by the beginning of May 2018. Please stand together with us in prayer and pray for us that this process will be completed, and we will get the legal registration done.

(picture of Thessaloniki and Athens signing papers) From the left:
Kelli Brodhag, Elise Sandas, Timos Christoforidis, John-Henry Nosen, Sofia and baby Elli Jane Laing, Aaron Hoover