Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Make the Change | NOVEMBER 2012

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Make the Change Nov 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

YWAM Cluj | New beginnings

This year in YWAM Cluj, Romania, we have seen how God is fulfilling many of our dreams of starting new things to bring the glory to God here in our city.

"Tent of David" Prayer House

After two years of praying and standing firm, God has opened the doors for us to move the Tent of David to rental place in downtown Cluj. We opened the House of Prayer on November 1, 2012.

We are very excited to see what God has for this city and the people he will bring to encounter His presence. In the Tent of David we are praying for all churches to unite and stand together with Jesus for our city and nation. It has been an exciting year as God is transforming it all from the inside out.

"House of Joy"

Our first expectant mother in the House of Joy is a 22 year old woman from Cluj who moved in when she was 7 months pregnant. She is due on November 22 and expecting a baby boy (Ruben).

We were very excited to organize the baby shower in the new home. The mother never had a party for her and this was a very special moment for her and for us in the same time. We are all ready for this baby to come and join us and he is the beginning of us helping many mothers and babies through this wonderful project.

Baseball ministry

A new ministry has been birthed from our baseball camps. Now we have approximately 50 boys and girls meet to receive training in baseball. The vision of this ministry is to bring the kids and their parents to know God and his love. This happens every time when they meet through prayer and godly relationships.

On October 13 the teams, parents and coaches travel to Targu Mureş (2 hours away from Cluj) and played for the first time against teams there. Was a very exciting experience for all involved. Several parents and children start going to church and are interested in knowing more about God.

We are so excited to see how God has been faithful in helping us to begin these new ministries out of our existing ones, and look forward to what He is going to do through them in the city of Cluj and beyond.

- Alin and Gabi Ciorogar, YWAM Cluj, Romania (with Belinda Chaplin)

Friday, November 16, 2012

YWAM Mediaș | A summer to remember

This summer in  YWAM Mediaș, Romania, we had many events in which hundreds of young people have experienced mission for the first time and the life of many of them was changed because of the amazing experiences they had with God.

During the summer, at the base we had 6 teams from different countries America, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany who served passionately in all the ministries and were a huge blessing for us. During the ProMission Festival in August, teams were sent with the message of the gospel to six locations: Oltenia, Moldova, Serbia, Uganda, Kenya and India.

The teams that came to Romania and also our mission teams who went to different locations around the world, returned home with lots of testimonies of what God has done in their lives. Some saw the power of God, others have learned more about His love for the lost, others grew in the gift of serving and some heard God speaking to them clearly about His calling for their lives. Many of them had their eyes opened to a different world than the one they were familiar with, daring to come out of their comfort zone and remain deeply touched in their hearts by the world that exists beyond their known boundaries.

Throughout the summer, we also ran the connected.RO course on evangelism and apologetics, where we focused on Mediaș and the surrounding villages. The purpose was to re-passion ourselves and other young people to evangelize those around us and learn how to answer questions that Romanian society has about God.

It definitely was a summer to remember!

- YWAM Mediaș, Romania

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YWAM Constanta | Kid's Club dreams of making a difference

Imagine waking up at 7 am. The light coming in through the two broken windows to your one room “house” is already hot. You are one of five people sleeping in the same bed with hardly any room to move. Time to get up. What will you do today? Help your father go through the trash to find scraps of metal to sell? Go begging in the street to make just a bit of money so that your family can eat that day? You would like to go to school but you know that you don’t have a decent pair of shoes, let alone clean clothes that are nice enough to make you socially acceptable to the other children. And how could you ever manage to sit at a desk for four hours without having had anything to eat in the morning? You usually eat just one meal a day. But what is the point of going to school anyway? Your parents never went to school. They don’t know how to read or write and they are doing just fine, aren’t they?

This scenario is not far from the reality that many of the children we know face every day. Although the children in the neighborhood where we work come from families with differing home situations, the poorest live like this- surviving day to day with little hope of anything changing in the future.

After many years of having a weekly club with these children, we decided this year that we needed to support our children in going to school. Our desire is not just to see them succeed in their schooling but also that each child will grow in a real relationship with Jesus and seeing that transform every bit of their lives. To this end we share the Gospel continually with the children and encourage them to follow God’s good plan for them. He is the ultimate hope for a better future and He is the One with power to change even the hardest situations. Please join us in prayer for the transformation of these precious lives!

-YWAM Constanta, Romania

Monday, November 12, 2012

YWAM Poland | A dream realised

In 1985 when I was 11, I had a dream about playground where kids were playing, smiling and getting to know Jesus. I remembered the dream again in 1999 when together with our friends we went to try to find the place. We found the playground and every Saturday there was around 150 kids. God still have good things to come as far as the dream. in 2006 we opened the first new playground for the single mother house in Ruda Slaska which opened the door to the neighborhood and welcome people and kids to come and engage with single mothers. The playground still works today and we renovated it this summer during the After Euro outreach.

Cutting the tape

Also as part of the After Euro outreach, we wanted to give the community where our club is located a new Playground which would be the King's Kids gift to a historical district which used to be a border where in the past two cultures - German and Polish - clashed. We discovered to our surprise that after we heed been praying as Kings Kids for this particular district for many years, that it will be renovated and revitalized and by the grace of God we became part of it spiritually.

On the 12th of October in the presence of officials and the Mayor of the town of Ruda Slaska, we opened the new playground and in my speech I was able to say that God is the one who did it. This is the second playground built thanks to our friends from Switzerland who raised the finances and caught the vision to bless the people of Ruda Slaska!



Not only did this project open a lot of new doors but it also showed many people through media and newspapers that we love God and He loves them. We also participated in this project as family and all of us were able to participate in this big day to show that this our vision  is to bless the others and make families stronger.

And once again, my dream of the playground where kids could run around and play in safety and get to know Jesus has been realised...

After after

-Greg Skrobarczyk with Belinda Chaplin

Friday, November 9, 2012

YWAM Mediaş | School of Christian Biblical Worldview

The base at Mediaş, Romania will be running the School of Biblical Worldview starting in January, 2013. For more information go to: here for English or aici pentru limba română

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

YWAM Constanta | DRIVE 2013

Dear fellow YWAMers in Central Europe,

As we are planning and preparing for DRIVE 2013, its time to sign up.

 Destiny - Refreshment - Innovation - Vision - Equipping

We are heading in for a new time of growth in our region, and this seminar is an opportunity to get great training and to come together to see the future being shaped.

We will have great speakers with us, like Stephe Mayers, Loren Cunningham, Lynn Green (both on the Genesis system) Carmelita Clark, Wolfgang Jani and Rita Pretorius.

We hope you will take time to pray about being part of this two weeks of great input, refreshment and people that wants to stand with you in your pioneering situation.

-Rune and Irene Saether

Baseleaders, Youth With a Mission Constanta

Dates : 17th- 30th of March 2013

Where :  Constanta, Romania

For who : everyone, but especially you in Central Europe.

E-mail us for more information : or

Monday, November 5, 2012

YWAM Cheb, Czech Republic | Discipleship Training School

The small team in Cheb, led by Doris Rabus, is getting ready to re-pioneer the Discipleship Training School in the Czech Republic in February 2013. Doris reports "After two years of 'laying foundations' in Cheb, our team is growing. Luke & Madgdalena with their 3-month-old daughter 'Lahja' will move to Cheb next week. Besides that we will have Dan, Joe (from the USA) and Juan (from Columbia) coming on staff for the first DTS. Please also pray for Rosane who is right now still in Brazil, because her dad got cancer."

After looking at renting a former brothel to use for the DTS and as a future "Lighthouse centre", they ran into some problems with the owner, so as Doris writes "For the DTS, starting in February 2013, we've found another building, which would work perfectly.  It's located next to the graffiti wall,  where we've had a graffiti-& break-dance workshop in the summer. The former boarding school is centrally located and completely furnished. For this first school it seems to be a perfect solution and God's provision." They are still praying about using this building in the future alongside a local Church. Wouldn't that be awesome? Ministering to those caught up in human trafficking  in a former brothel!

Please continue to pray for this team as they make all the preparations for the school: including team building, looking for apartments for new staff, working on inviting different international speakers, advertising, figuring out visas for international students, and lots of communication in every area. Pray also for their continued vision of working with victims of human trafficking in a real and practical way.

-written by Belinda Chaplin, YWAM CE Communication