Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review | Philip Yancey

Praying With the KGB: A Startling Report from a Shattered Empire 

In 1991 Philip Yancey – author of several books and editor of the "Christianity Today" magazine – together with 18 other American Christian broadcasters and communicators was invited by the Supreme Soviet leadership of the USSR to visit Russia. This was right after the fall of communism when in Russia and the whole region enormous, both amazing and confusing, change took place.

Yancey describes how this Christian delegation met with officials in the Kremlin palace and with Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, with KGB leaders, with monks at an orthodox monastery, with journalists from the State newspaper, with a former imprisoned believer and with professors at a prestigious Moscow school of social science.

In the conversations with all these different groups it soon became very clear that Russia was not primarily hungry for political and economical change but for a moral change. All these leaders and influential people where seeking for a stable, reliable foundation in order to rebuild their crumbling nation and they were hoping to find it in Christianity.

When I read the book I had to remind myself several times that this is not fiction, but a report about real events that happened not too long ago in our region. From the Bible I know that God is Lord over everything - over history, nations and governments. But I personally so often lose perspective and forget this powerful reality. This little book is a great reminder that our nations belong to God and that the Biblical principles still work and can bring healing, stability and hope for our nations.

Highly encouraging and recommendable!

-Heidi Kovacs
YWAM Budapest, Hungary

Friday, December 6, 2013

Târgu Mureș | Building News

The big and intense race is finished! The base building is now in our name! We are so thankful for all of you who prayed, gave and believed with us. We see this as a miracle. We were able to raise half the funds and take a loan for the remaining half, needing to now believe for monthly partners for the next 10 years.

You can follow the whole journey of how we got the finances for the building on our blog:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in any way, shape or form in the past year. Please continue to journey alongside us and may we together make this place brighter and more hope-filled! Jesus is the reason and may we all celebrate!

-YWAM Târgu Mureș

Thursday, December 5, 2013

YWAM Mediaș‎ | 20 years

Celebrating 20 years of God's goodness
20 years ago YWAM Mediaș‎ was started, and this fall we celebrated the blessing of the Lord in our lives and the ministry we are doing as a team in Mediaș‎.  20 years of preaching the Gospel, taking care of children, helping poor families, training, sending and serving missionaries, taking offerings, building houses and organising conferences, seminars, schools: we worked that the Kingdom of God will enlarge, on the earth as it is in heaven. We could do all this things because of the people dedicated to obey Him and to follow His calling. It was good to look back and see all that God has done in the last 20 years in Mediaș and to thank Him for enabling us to do it all.

-YWAM Mediaș

Friday, November 29, 2013

YWAM Cluj | Living Well Romania

As an expression of God's heart, Living Well Romania, a new ministry, is being pioneered to reach Romanian families affected by adoption. Several opportunities are available with this ministry on a long-term or short-term basis.

Resources are very limited for adoptive families or professionals on how to effectively meet the needs of the adoptive children. Recently the translation of the book, Becoming a Family was completed. This book explains how parents can help their children heal from abandonment and learn to attach to their adoptive families. It is now available for purchase for the first time in Romanian!

A new bi-weekly support group is meeting to offer support to adoptive families. Six to eight families are meeting together to work through an attachment workbook. A program for the children is being developed with the objective to reinforce attachment methods.

A 3-day Attachment seminar was attended by 170 professionals, foster parents and adoptive parents in October 2013. Lynn Wetterberg, MS and Dr. Sally Popper, Ph.D. from the USA spoke on the effects of abandonment and the process of attachment and development. This seminar qualified as continuing education credits for the professionals. Counsel was provided for adoptive parents on a personal level throughout the day.
Several opportunities are available to serve with this ministry. They include working with a local woman who visits a hospital daily to hold, change, feed and interact with babies who have been abandoned. Many people are needed to join her in these daily visits. Additionally help is needed to work with a home for abused children and several orphanages.  They have requested people to come visit the children, to celebrate their birthdays, to serve as hospital parents and to help them with their homework. This is a first-time opportunity to work within the social services system.

If you have a heart for orphans, adoptive families and missions, please contact Aaron and Ana Stafford using their Facebook page or on their website and find out about opportunities to serve with Living Well Romania.

- YWAM Cluj

Monday, November 11, 2013

Unified Region | Prayer Day

In the early morning hours of October 24th some of our YWAM CE teams sat in a car and traveled towards the borders of our region.  We had set apart this day as a Regional Unified Prayer Day where we corporately wanted to pray that God would lift off the blanket of spiritual darkness and hopelessness from our nations.

In May this year when we had a gathering in Iasi, Romania, during one of our prayer times, we received the following picture from God: On a map all the nations of our region are displayed. They are covered with a thick blanket and the light is blocked out – it is rather dark underneath. And then the blanket slowly starts to be removed from our region. It starts at the corners and edges and more and more light is pouring in!

I think that all of us at times, in one way or another, feel the darkness in our region. But this is not what God wants for our nations - He is a God of light and hope, of future and restoration! 

So, on October 24th, we traveled to the corners and edges of our region to pray. As YWAM Budapest we went to the little bridge of Andau at the Austrian border. And as we were driving towards the west, other teams were on their way towards the northern, eastern and southern borders of our region. We had teams praying at the North Sea, at the Black Sea and at the Mediterranean! Other teams stayed at their YWAM bases all over our region and prayed there. Here is a map of where most of the teams were situated: red were the travelling teams, yellow the teams already at the borders and green most of the other places where people prayed
It was a great joy to read the feedback from all these different teams! I think that many of us felt that there is something truly powerful in seeking God together as a region. There is a beautiful abundance and wealth in what God spoke to us corporately! The different teams gave plenty of the insights, prayers, impressions, verses and pictures that God shared with them. And they together form a powerful statement: God is at work! He is not yet finished with His good and powerful work of restoration in our region. In the midst of our (sometimes challenging) day-to-day work and ministry God is bringing forth His good plans of future and hope.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communism in our region. Enormous changes have taken place in our nations during these years. But there is more to come! God is faithful and powerful and invites us to co-work and build with Him together. I believe that this day of prayer was one good step on this way and I believe that the Regional Prayer Day will become a good tradition for us here in YWAM CE!

-Heidi Kovacs
YWAM Budapest

Friday, November 8, 2013

Megacities in Kolkata, India in 2014

As you may have heard, starting in April 2014, Megacities will begin in Kolkata, India!

Many teams and trainers will come to join in the great work already happening in Kolkata, as well as to seek God for new ways to reach the city and see a greater momentum towards city transformation.

In Kolkata, we stand on the shoulders of giants. I am reminded of William Carey, whose church still stands in Kolkata today. He said, "Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God”. Carey and many others have "expected and attempted" great things in Kolkata.

Kolkata's most well known servant was of course, Mother Teresa who is known worldwide. She was an apostle to the poor. Once interviewed by a journalist looking for a story he asked when she first felt called to the poor. Her response, "I never felt called to the poor".

Jesus has called Megacities to focus on Kolkata. We had many invitations when a word from the Lord came through a YWAM leader who had just been there, to urgently consider Kolkata. I am convinced He wants to build on the effort of those who have gone before us, and now is the time! The entire Body of Christ there is coming together to welcome and work alongside Megacities teams. Our desire is to honour the faith and visionary efforts of those who have gone before us.

Kolkata is home to over 8 million Bengali people, one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Over a million of these precious people live in extreme slum situations. The church is much smaller in comparison to every other major Indian city, with much of the city still having little, to no, Christian witness.

Rajan, YWAM city coordinator said:
"I’m really excited about Megacities coming to Kolkata. When I moved to Kolkata, God specifically talked to me about city transformation and I believe strongly that Megacities is going to transform the whole city of Kolkata. So I invite teams internationally, even from India to come and be part of what is going to happen in the city of Kolkata."

Megacities has advance teams who prepare the city for the influx of many teams over the course of a year. Teams that choose to do their outreach with Megacities are placed in regions according to where their gift and focus will have maximum impact. All outreach teams are welcome; DTS, any second level school, staff and church teams will benefit from the city-wide vision and pre-established relationships.

Each team adds to building momentum over the course of the year. My experience is that as teams are welcomed into a city by believers in faith for God to move in greater ways, the effectiveness of each team is multiplied leading to greater results in terms of lives changed, salvation, discipleship and church mobilisation.

Markus Steffen, president of the UofN and base leader of YWAM Lausanne, said, “We are so thrilled for what God is doing through Megacities. Our teams had an amazing outreach and the way Megacities facilitates for the teams is adding so much to the fruitfulness. For the students to see a unified way of serving the well-being of a city is a wonderful approach.”

Would you consider sending outreach teams to Kolkata, starting in April of 2014 until March of 2015?

I believe your teams’ effort would increase momentum toward the transformation of the city. There is no limit to the number of teams you send or the size of teams, although teams of 8-10 have greater mobility and ease in moving around the city. Every kind of team has a place, and every kind of ministry is needed.

For further details please contact Rod and the team at or visit our website

Thanks for your consideration to send teams; let’s ignite a fire in one of our world's great cities.

If we see change in Kolkata it will have an impact beyond India to surrounding nations, particularly Bangladesh. The University of the Nations diversity is key to this effort, as well as the great treasure of anointing of YWAM ministries worldwide.

I hope you can bring a team to Kolkata starting April 2014.

Bless you in all your local efforts. These are exciting days.

Shirley Brownhill
Megacities Director
YWAM Perth

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fundraising Workshop in Holland

Feeling a bit stretched in your monthly support? 

Wishing you could take a week and really focus on making a plan to increase it?

Base leaders:  would you like to have a trainer at your base to train and coach your staff?

Send someone to the Fundraising Workshop (with an extra day for trainers) – November 18-22 at Heidebeek base in Holland. 

For details and to apply:

Hope to see you here,
Terry Sherman

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We all need to retreat | Carmelita Clarke

I'm going to the retreat in Romania next week.  I want to be honest with you.  I was going because I'm the regional leader and I wanted to show I support it, I think taking time out with the Lord like this is important so I wanted to make sure I was there.  Then I realised I needed to go, because I need to go!  

Many years ago when I was leading the work in Albania, I discovered the rich benefit of withdrawing from the every day things, ministry, friends, the urgent, everything, to be able to better focus and hear the one voice that really mattered.  All of us hear God on an ongoing basis as we seek to do what he calls us to do, but I found that every time I took real time aside I had such a different sense of connecting with God and somehow I was able to allow him the place at the centre of everything where He really needs to be. Its not so easy to spend time out of 'our situation' without the noise and the action, its not easy to tune your mind and spirit solely to God but it is so interesting what would happen at those times.   My perspective on so many things would change, things that seemed so pressing, or big, took on a very different perspective and I often saw them in a whole new light.  It often transformed what I thought I understood.  I have often encouraged other leaders to make sure they take these times apart: but mostly they feel they don't have the time and won't make the time, now there's a wrong perspective!  

We as a CELT have run two retreats in the past for leaders and still very much want to see them happening and thanks to Hannes we have this one happening now.  Just so you're clear I'm going to this retreat because I believe they are important and because I need to take some time out and focus on the one person that is most important in my life and my existence, what could be more important?

- Carmelita Clarke
YWAM CE Director

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Foundational Coaching Skills Training 2014/2015

Increase your effectiveness as a leader 

Coaching is an ongoing, relational partnership built around a client-driven conversational process that empowers people to achieve growth and change in areas important to them. Instead of giving advice, a coach applies a set of relational influence skills to draw solutions out of the coachee themselves and their own relationship with God. This client and context-oriented approach makes coaching a great tool for staff and leadership development and relevant in cross-cultural contexts. By its very nature, the coaching approach assumes a level of initiative and responsibility that invites emerging leaders to step up and take greater ownership for the success of team and ministry.

Our training provides foundational and advanced coaching competencies which you can use to:
  • Develop a coaching value-set that fits your belief system and cross-cultural context
  • Create authentic relational environments that catalyze transformation
  • Assist leaders and staff in clarifying their goals and forming effective action plans
  • Broaden someone’s perspective through intuitive listening and asking of powerful questions
  • Gain commitment, maintain motivation, and build support structures for lasting change
  • Learn how to provide feedback, affirmation, accountability, perspective shifts, and support in ways that helps others succeed

Program Overview: 1 Year on the Job Coach Training in 3 Phases
This 1 year training equips in the FOundational COaching Skills (“FOCOS”). We offer it in partnership with CMI (, to ensure the quality of the individual coaching process and the overall training experience. The lead trainer is Wolfgang Jani, who serves on YWAM Central Europe’s regional leadership team and is a professional coach and coach trainer.

Phase 1: We will kick off the program with a joint tele-class on August 20th 2014
2 additional training teleclasses will November 5, 2014 & January 7, 2015.
Phase 2: January 19 - 23 2015 on-site workshop in Malaga, Spain.
Phase 3: following the workshop in 2015

More information? Click here for all the details.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Latest News | YWAM Albania

Here is the latest news about what is going on in YWAM Albania.

Click on the below picture to read more!

Friday, September 13, 2013

YWAM Budapest | Opening of Ministry Center

Hal Young at the opening
We at YWAM Budapest began raising money for a facility in 1994 with the vision to reach the youth of Budapest. The vision remained strong despite different setbacks over the years. We would think we had the perfect place and it would be sold to someone else. In 2000, we finally felt we had fond the perfect place. After a long battle with neighbors, authorities and spiritual powers, we purchased our current building. Thus began a journey that we did not anticipate. As we got deeper into the renovation, we continued to discover the magnitude of the work and money that was actually required.

We worked hard at fund raising. As God provided the funding we would take a few more steps, one room at a time.  The coffee house we first ran successfully in 1999 (but was shut down as the building was sold out from under us)  was re-opened in the basement of our new facility in April 2002. We experienced seasons of progress, excitement, and joy as well as struggles, disappointments, delays, discouragement, and seasons of dryness.  Through it all the Lord kept encouraging us to continue on and be faithful to the task. Years passed, staff came and went.  We still held on to the vision, but it became obscured and even eventually unknown by some of the team.

Continued prayer and fund raising efforts took place throughout this time. The Lord gave strength to persevere and stay the course. The final breakthrough came in the spring of 2012 when one of our supporting churches stepped up and renewed their commitment to help us complete the ministry center.  The remaining amount needed of $250,000 USD was given for the work to be done.  It was the phone call we had waited on for 12 years!

We may never know why it took so long for God to bring the breakthrough that we thought would come within two years but actually took 12!  Perhaps we weren't ready.  For sure His timing was perfect whatever the reason.

The official opening of our center took place on September 7th, and we now have an amazingly beautiful café and ministry center of the highest quality in the heart of downtown Budapest.  God provided this prime real estate in the center of the café, theater, and arts district.  Our vision is to use the ministry center as a base of operation to reach the young generation of the city - to go out to them, and to create a warm and welcome place of community where they can encounter the Lord.

-Steve Johnson
YWAM Budapest, Hungary
Steve Johnson at the opening

DTS Leaders Gathering in November

 The first ever Central European DTS Leaders Gathering!  

The Central European DTS Resource Team is excited to invite DTS Leaders to the first ever Central European Leaders Gathering. If you are serving with YWAM in Central Europe and are passionate about DTS in our region, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

We will be spending 3 days together in worship, prayer, strategizing, networking, and seeking God’s heart and direction for DTS in Central Europe. We feel it is vital that we come together for this time to really seek God about His plans for DTS and to share with one another our hopes, struggles, needs, and vision for DTS in Central Europe. Please join us for this special time together!

When: November 15-17th (Arrive evening of the 14th, depart morning of the 18th)
Where: Budapest, Hungary.
Cost: 65 Euros at the most. We hope to keep costs lower than this. The price includes housing, food, and all conference costs.
(Please note: Transport is not included in the price. Public transport to and from the airport/train station and to/from the ministry center where we will meet during the conference will be between 12-16 Euros per person total for the entire time. Each person will pay for their own transport, so budget 12-16 Euros for public transport while in Budapest.)

Please register by October 20th by filling in and submitting the google form (link below). For questions, please contact us at

Chris and Mirjam Klop and the Central European DTS Resource Team.