Saturday, September 21, 2013

Foundational Coaching Skills Training 2014/2015

Increase your effectiveness as a leader 

Coaching is an ongoing, relational partnership built around a client-driven conversational process that empowers people to achieve growth and change in areas important to them. Instead of giving advice, a coach applies a set of relational influence skills to draw solutions out of the coachee themselves and their own relationship with God. This client and context-oriented approach makes coaching a great tool for staff and leadership development and relevant in cross-cultural contexts. By its very nature, the coaching approach assumes a level of initiative and responsibility that invites emerging leaders to step up and take greater ownership for the success of team and ministry.

Our training provides foundational and advanced coaching competencies which you can use to:
  • Develop a coaching value-set that fits your belief system and cross-cultural context
  • Create authentic relational environments that catalyze transformation
  • Assist leaders and staff in clarifying their goals and forming effective action plans
  • Broaden someone’s perspective through intuitive listening and asking of powerful questions
  • Gain commitment, maintain motivation, and build support structures for lasting change
  • Learn how to provide feedback, affirmation, accountability, perspective shifts, and support in ways that helps others succeed

Program Overview: 1 Year on the Job Coach Training in 3 Phases
This 1 year training equips in the FOundational COaching Skills (“FOCOS”). We offer it in partnership with CMI (, to ensure the quality of the individual coaching process and the overall training experience. The lead trainer is Wolfgang Jani, who serves on YWAM Central Europe’s regional leadership team and is a professional coach and coach trainer.

Phase 1: We will kick off the program with a joint tele-class on August 20th 2014
2 additional training teleclasses will November 5, 2014 & January 7, 2015.
Phase 2: January 19 - 23 2015 on-site workshop in Malaga, Spain.
Phase 3: following the workshop in 2015

More information? Click here for all the details.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Latest News | YWAM Albania

Here is the latest news about what is going on in YWAM Albania.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

YWAM Budapest | Opening of Ministry Center

Hal Young at the opening
We at YWAM Budapest began raising money for a facility in 1994 with the vision to reach the youth of Budapest. The vision remained strong despite different setbacks over the years. We would think we had the perfect place and it would be sold to someone else. In 2000, we finally felt we had fond the perfect place. After a long battle with neighbors, authorities and spiritual powers, we purchased our current building. Thus began a journey that we did not anticipate. As we got deeper into the renovation, we continued to discover the magnitude of the work and money that was actually required.

We worked hard at fund raising. As God provided the funding we would take a few more steps, one room at a time.  The coffee house we first ran successfully in 1999 (but was shut down as the building was sold out from under us)  was re-opened in the basement of our new facility in April 2002. We experienced seasons of progress, excitement, and joy as well as struggles, disappointments, delays, discouragement, and seasons of dryness.  Through it all the Lord kept encouraging us to continue on and be faithful to the task. Years passed, staff came and went.  We still held on to the vision, but it became obscured and even eventually unknown by some of the team.

Continued prayer and fund raising efforts took place throughout this time. The Lord gave strength to persevere and stay the course. The final breakthrough came in the spring of 2012 when one of our supporting churches stepped up and renewed their commitment to help us complete the ministry center.  The remaining amount needed of $250,000 USD was given for the work to be done.  It was the phone call we had waited on for 12 years!

We may never know why it took so long for God to bring the breakthrough that we thought would come within two years but actually took 12!  Perhaps we weren't ready.  For sure His timing was perfect whatever the reason.

The official opening of our center took place on September 7th, and we now have an amazingly beautiful café and ministry center of the highest quality in the heart of downtown Budapest.  God provided this prime real estate in the center of the café, theater, and arts district.  Our vision is to use the ministry center as a base of operation to reach the young generation of the city - to go out to them, and to create a warm and welcome place of community where they can encounter the Lord.

-Steve Johnson
YWAM Budapest, Hungary
Steve Johnson at the opening

DTS Leaders Gathering in November

 The first ever Central European DTS Leaders Gathering!  

The Central European DTS Resource Team is excited to invite DTS Leaders to the first ever Central European Leaders Gathering. If you are serving with YWAM in Central Europe and are passionate about DTS in our region, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

We will be spending 3 days together in worship, prayer, strategizing, networking, and seeking God’s heart and direction for DTS in Central Europe. We feel it is vital that we come together for this time to really seek God about His plans for DTS and to share with one another our hopes, struggles, needs, and vision for DTS in Central Europe. Please join us for this special time together!

When: November 15-17th (Arrive evening of the 14th, depart morning of the 18th)
Where: Budapest, Hungary.
Cost: 65 Euros at the most. We hope to keep costs lower than this. The price includes housing, food, and all conference costs.
(Please note: Transport is not included in the price. Public transport to and from the airport/train station and to/from the ministry center where we will meet during the conference will be between 12-16 Euros per person total for the entire time. Each person will pay for their own transport, so budget 12-16 Euros for public transport while in Budapest.)

Please register by October 20th by filling in and submitting the google form (link below). For questions, please contact us at

Chris and Mirjam Klop and the Central European DTS Resource Team.


Unified Prayer | Skype possibilities...

In May at our annual Central European Leadership Gathering, we were challenged to intercede for our nations more and to pray together with others from the region. In Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina,  as there are only a few people in each location, we decided to pray together. And Skype premium allows us to do that! Just one person in the group has to have it, and then we can have a skype call with up to 10 people (although they recommend up to 5). We had a great time together today and we were joined by Lisa Whitaker (who is currently in the US) and it was great having her with us. Here we are looking pretty:
There are sometimes a few hitches, but mostly we are able to have a great prayer time together! We have met monthly since May and if teams are with us from elsewhere they have prayed with us, which has been a great experience for them as well. It is so amazing how we can use this technology to pray together and be encouraged, and then go out and do even more in our various locations... The possibilities for unified prayer across the region are amazing and I would encourage everyone to reach out to other locations and pray together!!

-Belinda Chaplin
YWAM Bosnia Herzegovina

Thursday, September 12, 2013

YWAM Medias | Summer news


As the parks are full of people here in Medias during the summer, God challenged us to start do street Evangelism once again. We started to go out each Saturday evening in the central park, singing, and talking with people. We notice that people enjoy listening!

Last week we had a team from Switzerland together we went to Vitro Park and they sing, did pantomimes, share testimonies and the gospel. People were very attracted when an artistic Romanian girl painted Jesus with only her hands. We went there to discuss with people and also pray for those who were open to receive prayer. There were people in the park who were glad to have someone to speak with and listen to their struggles. Most of the time street evangelism is more simple then we imagine and it’s important to not be shy, but rather be open and discuss with people.


 Short term summer-outreaches: Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and India have  just come back and they have many stories to share it with us. I would like to give you a glimpse...


“My name is Flori. I am 21 years old. I was for 2-nd time in India.  India is a colorful country, very agglomerated with hospitable and creative people and very smart. I was visiting the slum one day together with other of my colleagues. As we walk on the path of that poor area the Indians curiously came to greet us and shake our hands. They were very glad to see white people. Besides the appearance and face features there is the same need- to be loved and accepted… and the need to know the true God. I felt honored to see that we’ve been coworkers with God and see how He spoke through us. When I shared in the families we visited how God healed my mother from cancer, I saw the smile on people faces and some glimpse of hope. The gospel break every wall which is raised, it’s touching hearts. The gospel was shared in India through me, but it can be shared also through you… What do you say would you like to step out on this ground with God?” ( Flori, India’s outreach leader)

 “This month a decided to dedicate it to God for mission. I went to Ukraine. I learned to serve those around me and see their needs before mine. Most important thing I learned to listen to God’s voice!”(Adriana E, part of Ukraine outreach team)

Click here for more Summer news from YWAM Medias in Romania!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Advice | Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye is something that is inevitable in this life, but somehow I seem to be saying a lot of it lately. Having lived in Bosnia for over 12 years, I have said a fair share of goodbyes to other "ex-pat" workers who have left along the way... I console myself by picking up some of their stuff where I can, so I now have a HUGE library of books for instance - I jokingly say outlasting other people has its benefits!

My friend asked me the other day how many short-term teams I have hosted or been involved in. And I would have to go back and count them, but it has been a LOT. And with short-termers comes the inevitable goodbyes. And you start protecting yourself by not getting involved with short-termers and not putting your heart out too much...

I mean the truth is, saying goodbye stinks. Especially if you don't know when or if you will see people again on this side. It is nice to know with believers that one day we will see them in heaven at least! Sergej (a colleague I said goodbye to in 2009), used to say "meet you at the East Gate" to people when saying goodbye. I like that. It gives hope...

This year has been particularly hard. I said goodbye (albeit from a distance) to two of my oldest friends in Bosnia, who had to go back to the US for health reasons. And his prognosis is really grim, so I am pretty sure I will only see him again on the other side...That just stinks.

And my good friends here in Banja Luka also left in July to go back to the US, and I am going to miss them a lot. They were kind of like my mom and dad here. Really stinky.

And other friends are also going back to their home country, and then this spring/summer I had 3 short-term teams and two singles coming through... heart crushing to say goodbye to all these wonderful people I was just starting to get to know!

I am really blessed with lots of local friends, and that helps a LOT. But sometimes I think we need to speak with people who get all of what we are going through. And so finding friendship with people "living between two worlds" is essential, and rarer, and thus it hits harder when the inevitable goodbye happens...

And I haven't even mentioned the goodbyes that happen when we leave one of our "homes" and go to the other... those are also stinky! Whichever way we go, we have to say goodbye to someone :(

And yet, we have to pick ourselves up off the floor, and realise that our hope is not in our relationships with others here on this earth. Our home is not here. We are just here for a short while and then we will be home forever with the One who turns our mourning into dancing... weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning!! 

So, continue to put your heart out there, and say goodbye well, knowing that it is all a part of the process of living here in this fallen world. And know that one day, not too far off in the light of eternity, we will be in a place where we won't ever have to say goodbye to anyone ever again! 

-Belinda Chaplin
YWAM Bosnia Herzegovina
(originally posted on my personal blog

Monday, September 9, 2013

Aquaponics | YWAM Constanța

We are excited to announce that we have our first aquaponics system up and running. It is currently on the 3rd floor terrace at the YWAM Constanta building and is doing quite well. We have had plenty of challenges, but we are very happy with the progress made so far. There is a large amount of interest and excitement building over the potential this system has here in Romania as well as the rest of the world.

 For those new to the idea of aquaponics, it is a sustainable food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. To explain what happens simply, the fish waste becomes food for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. We have made a video to explain how it works:

Aquaponics is a simple tool that can produce large amounts of food in small spaces while using only 10% or less of the water traditionally needed to grow the same amount of vegetables in soil. Add to that the production of meat in the form of fish, the reduced number of manhours required to maintain it, and you can begin to see why this sustainable food system is so incredible. Each week we are shocked by how quickly the plants are growing.
 plantsplants 1
These systems can vary in size, shape, and cost depending on the local situation and need. Family-size units to feed 6-10 people in a developing world context without electricity can be built for as little as US$100 in places like Kenya. Systems also can be tailored around the education level of those managing the system. They can be built in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the system needed.

As something new is passed on, there will always be the need for continued support, which opens the door for a key part of this ministry: building relationships. As we teach and equip people to meet the physical need of hunger, we also engage with them as a friend and a helper, introducing them to the love of God and the reality of relationship with Jesus.

We are excited to begin training others to do this in Romania and beyond! If you want to help out, partner with us, or to find out more information, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you out in any way we can!

- Aquaponics Team
 YWAM Constanța, Romania aquaponics team