Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Faith and Finances | YWAM CE Resource

In the wonderful world of finances we often find ourselves scratching our heads in and out of season trying to find answers to why our financial lives tend to have so many ups and downs.   The more stories I hear, the more I notice one thing missing, peace.

Finances tends to be the one thing we as Christ followers wish would just take care of itself. It tends to be the elephant in the room or the red headed step child of the Christian community. I believe that comes out of a place of many of us chasing freedom from the burden of finance rather than peace within operating in a healthy biblical way when it comes to finances.

This is not a step by step instructional program on how to operate financially rather a look into the word on how extreme seasons are financially and how to find peace within all seasons as God is working out his good and perfect plan for our lives. There are, however, a few given principles about finances that the word lays out pretty clearly.

Ultimately the goal of our lives financially should be that we never allow our hearts to submit to having finances Lord over us, but that our financial lives would be an expression of what happens when our Lord reigns in our lives.

Kip Copeland
-YWAM Sarajevo

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Crisis Intervention Part 2 | YWAM CE Resource

For Crisis Intervention Part 1 go here

Crisis situations represent a powerful traumatic event which may trigger a severe emotional reaction, so that the usual balance between thinking and emotions is disturbed, the usual coping mechanisms fail and signs for dysfunction become apparent.

It has been shown that a rapid intervention after such a traumatic stress experience alleviates the psychological impact of such an event and greatly facilitates the resilience of a person. This is why it is vitally important to have a crisis intervention plan in place in your team or at your base. People are psychologically also more resilient, if they undergo some training prior to some possible incident. For instance, if I understand the dynamics of kidnapping I will be much better prepared to deal with the emotional stress of such an event and show appropriate responses which may even decide over life or death.

Crisis intervention is an active, short-term and supportive helping process with the goal to lessen the crisis response (trauma) in victims of a crisis situation. It basically serves as a psychological first aid. Therefore, it does not replace a possibly needed psychotherapy or counseling. It is important to note that it does not deal with the event itself (like police, firefighters, rescue teams etc.) but with the emotional response of people.

Crisis intervention must be simple, brief, practical, close and immediate. This means, first of all, that it should take place within 12 hours but no later than 72 hours of the incident. If a whole group is affected it should take place within 1-10 days after the event. In order to achieve such a short response time, we need to work on a better framework on all levels in YWAM, so that we have enough trained people who can deal with crisis situations effectively and are available on short notice. An intervention will typically last about one hour. Simple steps are followed which provide clarity and structure to the process which is very important in a chaotic situation.

- Reinhard Hämmerle

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crisis Intervention Part 1 | YWAM CE Resource

As we all go about God’s work, we should not worry about our future, right? Isn’t it true that as we seek God’s kingdom first, God will take care of all our needs and protect us from all evil?

There is a fine line between trusting God for our future and well-being and being presumptuous about God’s protection and care for us. Maybe this is why we do not consider possible crisis situations and how to prepare for those all that much in YWAM. However, in this real world accidents, crimes like rape, car-jacking or kidnappings, political unrest and natural disasters do happen. So if we take a realistic view on things, we should expect that some such crisis situation might cross our paths at some point in our lives and ministry. The better we are prepared to handle such a situation the quicker and more effectively we can deal with such an incident. This is even more important when we travel and work in countries which have a high rate of such incidents or are undergoing some form of crisis.

Of course, the different scenarios mentioned above take some different approaches and ways for ourselves to get prepared. However, as a first step I want to mention maybe the most basic way to be prepared. This is a personal data sheet which should include the following:

1.       Photo

2.       Personal data: Name, Date of Birth, Place of birth, Address, Telephone numbers, email-address, social network accounts, languages

3.       Copy of your passport, personal identification & driving license

4.       Personal description: size, eye and hair color, eye glasses, hearing aids,

5.       Health issues & current prescriptions

6.       IMSI/ IMEI number of your mobile phone

7.       Bank account number, bank and credit card numbers

8.       Contact persons: family members, close relatives & friends, colleagues

9.       Social security number/ID number

10.   Insurance policies & numbers

11.   Questions only you will be able to answer

12.   Audio recording (about 1 min in length)

13.   DNA-probe in a clean envelope (e.g. hair together with its root)

14.   Contact number of your embassy

15.   If applicable, vehicle registration documents with identification number and number plate

You should have this data sheet in a safe place back home together with the originals and/or copies of all important papers (especially, your personal identification, passport, driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, will, power of attorney, insurance papers). Keep copies of all important documents with a trusted contact person.

For our staff and students especially as they go on outreaches, we must be sure that there is access to such personal data.  It is certainly a consideration to have these data sheets in our files. However, as they contain sensitive information we need to make sure that they are stored safely and with clearly restricted access.

- Reinhard Hämmerle

Sunday, September 27, 2015

YWAM Romania | National Conference 2015

After a long and busy summer it is always good to get together with the big family of YWAM Romania and to be able to have time to listen to God for what He has for us as YWAM Romania and also to be able to share things that are happening in our bases and ministries and to have fellowship with new people.

This time for us was a very refreshing time to listen to what God has for us and also to invest in the relationships with people that we haven't seen for a long time.

YWAM Cluj was amazing, hosting over 70 people at one place, the base did a great job and they where very creative. At the conference around 120 people took part. They managed very well to logistical organise this meeting, and that everyone could really feel welcomed and well on the base. 

Dan Baumann, has inspired all of us to live 100% for God and to really enjoy our relationship with Jesus, that it is a an exciting journey to walk with Him every steps, even if sometimes we don't understand why we go through times of trial, but God is with us all the time. 

-Benjamin Simion
 YWAM Romania

Here are some pictures from our time together...  


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New location in Romania | YWAM Craiova

Adriana, Bogdan Family (Mihai, Ema, Timotei&Sara), Daniel, Flori, Cristina
It’s been almost three months since we moved to Oltenia (South West of Romania).
Craiova is the main city from this zone, with about 300 000 people, and only 0,3% evangelical (like in the Balkans).

We are grateful for everything we’ve achieved before moving here. The Lord surprised us with the transportation, through two people that offered to take us here. We rented a house ('glory house') for our center, with 5 bedrooms, at 2 kilometers from the city center.

Our vision is to help our generation to know the Lord and to fulfil God's calling for His glory, and to bring transformation to society, and all nations!

God encouraged us with Isaiah 43:19: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up... I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

With God's help we have already the minimum necessary for living in the house; beds & mattresses, plates, and other things that we have received in the last hour when we needed them. We still need a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, some furniture, and other things for the office and classroom...

So far we’ve enjoyed the fresh vegetables (cheaper than in Transylvania), receiving visitors (from the city and other places and even from Medias), and seeing the city (it has a beautiful center and many nice parks).

In the beginning, we prepared the field in PRAYER and prayer will remain a priority for us, but with our first team (from ProMission Festival, we lead the team for tree weeks in august) we also did research, evangelism, organized a kids camp, and a VBS, and served in a prison and in some local churches.

We look forward to organising the first Discipleship Training School in this autumn, (19th of Oct), focus on Prayer and Pioneering, with outreach in the Balkans.

In spite of the fact that many young people move from Oltenia, our prayer is that this area will become one that its people are joyful for living here and also this land will be a land in which people ”let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”(Amos 5:24).

Thank you for your support. We still need your prayers for:
Health, protection and guidance
Finances to complete equipping the house.
Bogdan family, as they move into an unfurnished apartment next to the base, before the DTS students will come.
Cristina, a husband
Daniel, Flori and Adriana (they will join us in October as staff), to have a good start and monthly support.
More DTS students.
Finances for house rent & administration

For the glory of God and His Kingdom,
Mihai & Ema Bogdan and Cristina Suciu

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Communication and Negotiation | YWAM CE Resource

Communication is a fundamental dimension of existence and human development from ancient times by transmitting information and feelings (opinions, ideas, attitudes) from one individual to another or from one social group to another.

We communicate in order to inform, train and command, integrate and maintain, to influence and persuade, guide and advise.

We have to consider that the information submitted is perceived as follows: 55% visually, 7% verbally and 38% non-verbally. In addition the assimilation of the same information and its processing is influenced by three factors:
Personality: Oriented towards action, results, concession, logic
Learning style: Visual, auditory and tactile
Gender: Men communicate directly vs. women communicate indirectly;

There is no wrong type of communication, but different. We must realize and accept the differences between communication modes without being bothered by them and create a suitable climate to communicate by being ourselves, tolerating and effective.

We meet many communication barriers: Language, environment, conception, perception, culture, language, the characteristics of individuals, and the position of the person who speaks. So when there are disagreements we should filter conversations by these categories in order to eliminate these infiltrations believing the best in the man near us.

For an effective communication we must keep in mind:
Partner’s personality
What the partner understands, not what we intend to communicate
The language used to be accessible
Successful communication is the responsibility of the person who communicates

Negotiation is viewed as the most effective way to communicate in order to cooperate to solve common problems and the parties’ mutually beneficial agreement.
You are not born as a negotiator, you learn to be one.

The success of a negotiation means using information acquired by planning, preparation and hearing the other party so as to obtain a mutual beneficial agreement by using the following keys:
Each person has their own style of negotiating, you must discover and apply it and adapt to the style of your partner
The knowledge about the purpose and motivation in order to transmit to the opponents determination, confidence and commitment
Personal relationships created between people facilitate reliable communication and decrease anxiety. Reciprocity Law: Loyalty, trust, fairness matters in negotiation
The interest of the other party is important. What will motivate them to serve their own interests helping us achieve our aim?

From my perspective, when we talk about negotiation and communication it is important to address them from three different perspectives: Personality, gender and culture of the individual. These features make us unique, beautiful and reflect the unity in diversity in the kingdom of God. Understanding this, communication and negotiation becomes our song that expresses the glory of God and to love our neighbor.

The gift of communication must be used in the service of our neighbor, as Paul says for strengthening, encouraging and comfort of people. And when you sit face to face at the negotiation table to solve a problem we have in mind the common and mutual benefits or “win –win style” as businessmen say.

Thus in all things: He gets the glory.

-Dana Diaconu
YWAM Romania

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Destiny by Design | YWAM CE Resource

We throw around words in the Christian community; such as, calling, destiny, identity, gifting’s, but do we personally understand that these words are really ideas that we as Christians should live out in our everyday life? These are not just abstract ideas we hear about but can’t really understand. If we don’t understand for ourselves first, then how can we disciple those in our schools, churches, and our families? How can we disciple our DTS students in their callings, if we do not first know what the calling is upon our lives? How do we fit in into God’s Big Plan?

            That is what the teaching Destiny by Design was created to do, give Christians in or out of a DTS a chance to look at how they were designed by looking at their; Dreams, Experiences, Soulprint (personality), Identity, Gifts, Networks. Taking these different parts of someone’s life and showing them how God has weaved them all together to create a tapestry that fits perfectly in God’s big plan.

            This course takes it one step farther because it is not all about us. We do not find out what our calling is, what our gifts are, what our dream is, so that we can stay focused on ‘us’. God created us and called us all to be ambassadors to a hurt and broken world. Once you know what you are Designed to do, you then turn around and use what you’ve learned as a natural way to share the Gospel by asking the people around you about their Design, always pointing their design to the Designer, Jesus Christ. Street Evangelism or evangelism in general has always terrified me, always! After our teacher for Destiny by Design explained how you could use this approach in evangelism, I was amazed asking myself “Is it really that easy? I can do that!”

            Destiny by Design uses different teaching practices so the participants in the course do not just sit and hear a lecture. Some of the things participants will do during the course are; draw, color, create skits, fill out questionnaires, listen to the voice of God, use clay/playdough, watch movies, and share to partners, small groups, or the whole class. This helps participants process what they are hearing in more than one way, an example, in one activity participants are asked to draw their dream, sometimes participants draw things and they don’t know why they draw them, but throughout the week things are revealed that help them understand why they drew their dream that way. If you had just asked a participant to tell you their dream they would have missed what was hidden, but still placed there by God for a purpose.

            About Me: I am a single mom working with YWAM Cluj-Napoca, Romania. My daughter (Aliya, age 7) and I have worked in Romania for over 5 years in the administration department. This past May I had an opportunity to go to Amsterdam and do the Teacher’s Training for Destiny by Design, this program was led by Gwen Bergquist the writer of this curriculum. It was a great opportunity to learn and study under Gwen. Part of my design is as a teacher and I am looking forward to being able to call out other’s Designs through this program.  

-Hannah Martin
YWAM Romania

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Leadership | YWAM CE Resource

Training Young leaders, equipping and helping them to discover their potential and gifts as well as building a Godly character in them is my heart’s passion. I became a church pastor at the age of 21 and knowing all the trials I have gone through helps me to understand the need for discipleship and support among the young people in order to emerge as leaders. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I am invited to teach or preach is that what I am going to share has to bring a challenge and encourage growth in God’s Word and being like Jesus in the character of the ones who will hear the teaching.  Leadership is the most natural topic that comes from my heart.  This is because of the gifts and call God has placed in my heart, because of my experience as a church pastor, Leader of YWAM Albania as well as my business experience.  

My teaching's main focus is speaking about the leader’s character and the challenges he goes through in order to become the leader that God wants him to be. 
Some of the topics I cover throughout the teaching week are: “What does mean to be a leader?”, “The personality attributes of a leader” “The principles of a good leadership”, “Leader’s responsibilities”, “ Types of Leadership”, “The price and the risks a leader’s life goes through”, “The trials a leader goes through and conflict resolution”. 

While I teach, together with students, we observe the life of leaders from the Bible’s characters, in order to understand the phases they have gone through and how did they grew as leaders. I assign students to watch a specific movie which describes very clearly the difference between a good and bad leadership style and at the end we see these clearly through discussion. There are many leaders in the world, but not all of them practice the right Godly leadership style, so we need to be careful whose example we follow. I like to have an interactive teaching by asking questions and give time for comments from students. 

One of the challenges I give to students is “If God calls you to serve as leader, say yes to Him despite the hindrances or weaknesses you see.  The world today needs visionary leaders “crazy for God” who believe in big dreams and work to fulfill them.”  
-Alket Sako
YWAM Albania

This article is the first part of a series from people we consider YWAM CE resources. People who are able to teach in our schools. You can find more articles by clicking the YWAM CE resource tag. You can see who in our region is able to teach on which topics by going to

Thursday, August 27, 2015

CELG 2015 | Report from Yohanan


Greetings from sunny Budapest. 

I hope this finds you all well.

Rachel and Ashrey (who is almost running around our apartment!) and I are just ending the hot summer - having guests, hosting teams, and doing our best to prep for the fall.

We had a great time together with many of you in beautiful, rustic Porto Astro, Greece for the CELG. It was fabulous to be hosted by Hellenic Ministries (with whom YWAM has been partnering for almost 4 decades), to enjoy great food, time in God's presence, good fellowship together, and a chance to swim and kayak in the Mediterranean. 

It was beautiful to see almost all of our nations and bases represented! We had YWAMers of many ages as well, from several little ones all the way up to people a bit older ;) We shared food and conversation late into the night, every night.

We talked some about shared/ plural leadership, about the life cycle of a missionary, and about what leadership will look like in YWAM CE going forward. 

We had a lot of other good content as well in the CELG and came away feeling even closer relationally. 

I left our time together with a question though:

Where in our lives does God want us to give Him space for more of His presence to dwell?

 It is so clear through the scripture that He wants His presence to dwell outside the temple. Matt 27:51 shows the veil being torn from top to bottom which meant that the presence of God was no longer just in the temple in Jerusalem, but now WE were the temples, each of His followers. 

In Acts, after the stoning of Stephen, the believers were caused by persecution to bring the Word of God and the glory of His presence out into Samaria, Asia, and Europe among other places. In those early days of the church we see the fingerprints of His presence in prisons, arenas, Synagogues, places of business, and even pagan temples. We see the believers challenging principalities, and seeing both Jews and Gentiles being filled with the Holy Spirit (one of the expressions of God's presence.) His presence and His ways continued to move further out from Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth.

God's presence impacts our hearts, our minds, our relationships, and our environment. We should see change, and increase, and truth increasing anywhere we go. This is not just about what we are called to do; it is about who we are in Jesus and what we are becoming as a result of our relationship with Him. This should touch our lives, our families, our work, our expressions of hospitality, all areas of our lives!

I believe God wants more of His presence in more of our lives. I believe this will have both internal and external implications. For some of us, this will lead to a shaking of our foundations (a vision I have had repeatedly as we pray for Central Europe) as it describes in Hebrews 12:26-27:

English Standard Version (ESV)
... but now he has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” This phrase, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of things that are shaken—that is, things that have been made—in order that the things that cannot be shaken may remain.

I believe what will last will be purified foundations upon which we will build better and better buildings and structures. He wants the best stuff to remain even after challenges and difficulties. 
Some Questions:
  • What Is God shaking in you? 
  • What areas of your life need to be more transformed by the power and presence of God? 
  • What is His agenda for your life right now? 
Some more news from our time together at the CELG: 

We got to pray out the CELT. Mirjam, Chris, Helga, and Wolfi have served for many years very sacrificially. We have been so honored to work with them. We will be making some announcements soon about what kind of group will replace them. God continues to speak to us about shared leadership and how we can move more in that direction. We will be convening some new teams in the next months to see how we can best share leadership in Central Europe. 

We also will start to use the word "area" instead of "region." We have been challenged by the Founder's Circle to use less corporate and hierarchical language, and this will help us to sound less like a business and more like a group who is engaging with geographical, spiritual needs. So we are now the "Central European area", not the "Central European Region."

We spoke more about how to build circles. This is something I will be discussing more in smaller groups and then we will send out a larger document about the "best practices" of developing regional/ area circles. We want to have a few of them off the ground well enough that we can describe what we need to do them well. I recently heard Lynn Green describe it as fixing a car while we are driving it. Sounds like fun huh?

One other key word that was spoken had to do with dry ground and God having already planted seeds that will grow, even if we cannot see them growing yet. What an encouraging word!

Our time together was rich with God's presence and with growth in community and togetherness. We look forward to seeing what God continues to speak and do in our region moving forward from the CELG and our wonderful time together in our future gatherings!

Many blessings,


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two views on CELG 2015

The meeting for leaders in Greece was unique.  Despite an incident in Athens before the conference where some people broke into our car and stole our luggage, I enjoyed very much meeting again friends and making new friends.  

I went tired, but with expectations. My expectations were to be refreshed from what the Lord have to speak personally. And I was motivated from discussions with people and learning new things.  
 It was more than I was expected !!!  

The place where we had the meetings was the best place for this gathering . We enjoyed the extraordinary view and we had fun kayaking. In addition, the celebration was very good and refreshed me.  

One of the things that most encouraged me and motivated me was that I was reminded about the importance of asking questions and evaluating my personal life and as a base. An important question was: "where are we and what's blocking us?". I felt that this question was for me personally, but also for my team and also for the DTS, because it's a struggle to have students. Also a good reminder to me was to evaluate each event that I'm involved in our base.        

The questions and discussion process of choosing team leaders was an example for me for the future. It was a time that helped me to understand better the management structure in CELT. I felt included in discussions, even though I was for the first time in this kind of meeting. I appreciate it.   

A big encouragement for us as a team was the offering for our future building. It was the first amount of money and the first step in fundraising for the building. Thank you again for everyone who offered and was part with us in this process.
Thank you again for organizing everything for us there. It was a blessing to be there and to hang out in Greece.   

-Lilia, YWAM Moldova

I was surprised, honored and delighted to be sent to CELG by my base leader as I had been staff only for a year. It was a great time for me to get to know the people ministering in our area and also to learn more about the vision and structure of YWAM. 

Hearing about the Omega Zones had really inspired me to initiate more intentional countryside visits and outreaches from our Budapest base, and we had already started doing it! :-)

It was the first time for me to hear about the leadership circles and that delighted me a lot too. I had passed the word to the whole staff team and we are working on the transformation of leadership now, to adjust to the great Biblical YWAM vision.

Thank you for receiving me and helping me to participate in CELG! It was a privilege to be with you all!

-Jacinta, YWAM Hungary

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing... The new CE Chairman: Yohanan Rempt

Belinda Chaplin:   Tell us a little about yourself… for instance where you did you DTS, how you met your lovely wife, Rachel, and how has fatherhood changed your life?

Yohanan Rempt: I did my DTS in Kona in 1998. It was a Korean English DTS (half South Korean students). I loved my lecture phase. I did my outreach in India and Korea. I lost about 17 kgs in India in about 3 weeks.

I knew that I wanted to work with YWAM when I was 12. My family spent a weekend with Don Stephens on the Anastasis in Victoria Canada. It was life changing. I loved seeing people from around the world living together, enjoying community, laughing, and doing it on a budget.

I have loved Europe for as long as I can remember, but one of the times I came when I was growing up, we travelled through Germany, Austria and Italy and I had Europe in my blood. My family is close to our European heritage. German was spoken in my father's home.

Fatherhood is an absolute blast. Rachel and I are blessed daily by Ashrey's sense of humor and passion. He is almost 9 months old now and we are enjoying every day with him. We are so honored to be his parents!

BC:      As the new Chairman of CE, how do you see you role?

YR: I see myself as helping us to build and expand into the next steps regionally. This will hopefully impact how we lead and I lead. I want to help to see things get flatter in hierarchy, to see more of the grassroots released. I endeavor to be a relational leader, I love meeting people, eating together, playing games, hiking, and watching movies.

I also really want to learn how to build bridges between the countries in the region and into our neighbor regions and even further. I am a networker and like to be visionary and a am a community builder, I really want to help people grow into more of their callings, destinies and passions inside of YWAM or outside as well.

BC:   Tell us more about the people working in the CE Office alongside you…

YR:Well, since you asked...

Rachel: My wife, continues to be a mom and write her novels part time. We share our parenting and other responsibilities. She is researching for her newest book right now which will take place in CE (Budapest and Romania at least). She continues to be hospitable, to speak into my life and the life of the office and to be a passionate mom and discipler. She does a lot with hospitality and teaching and one on one mentoring of women.

Heidi Kovacs: Heidi is a great addition to our team. She is learning more and more about the region. She is such a clear thinker and clear communicator. She has a passion to develop staff in our region, for training, and for teaching worldview and implicational thinking. She is also very organized and motivated. She is such a gift to us!

Jason: Jason and Tiffany just became parents for the 4th time! They welcomed Noah Elliot on the 29th of January. Such a cutie! Jason continues to coordinate the efforts into Greece and to speak practically and prophetically into the office and the region. He is also developing some initiatives to develop and support pioneering teams in the region (15 at last count.) He is a clear, implicational thinker, worshiper, a Prophetic influence, and a wise man. He is doing some great apostolic stuff. I am so enjoying having him!

Tiffany: Tiffany is relationally connected with us at the office and is very busy being a full-time mom to their 4 great kids. She is another prophetic voice for us. It is so great that she and Jason can work together in their gifts and passions. She is really sharp spiritually and a great mom.

Wolfi: participates with us in a lot of helpful ways. He brings his wisdom and discernment in such precise and specific ways. He continues to develop a global coaching network for YWAM and to train and mentor life coaches personally. He has also recently agreed to become an elder to the Central European office.

BC:      What plans, visions, ideas do you have for the region?

YR: To build, expand both in numbers and in capacity, recruit more staff, to see the best ways to support and develop existing works and staff, to make a place for God's presence to increase in this part of the world. I also hope we see YWAM started  in Montenegro and Slovenia where we are not yet on the ground, and that we can see more ways to release staff from the region into missions and into other locations globally.

BC:      Is there something you would like to tell everyone in the region while you have this chance?

YR:We are diverse, and have great potential to grow. I believe God continues to call us to have short accounts with each other, to value relationship and to be honest and loving and supportive to one another. It is a season of tightening where there will be less and less space for the status quo, and we cannot allow offenses to continue without reconciliation. Through reconciliation and building healthy relationships we can support each other and get ready for the growth God has for this region. This is a time of expansion and building on solid foundations. We need to get ready for that growth. It is such an honor to serve you and to understand more and more of how to do that well.

BC: Thank-you very much!