Sunday, September 27, 2015

YWAM Romania | National Conference 2015

After a long and busy summer it is always good to get together with the big family of YWAM Romania and to be able to have time to listen to God for what He has for us as YWAM Romania and also to be able to share things that are happening in our bases and ministries and to have fellowship with new people.

This time for us was a very refreshing time to listen to what God has for us and also to invest in the relationships with people that we haven't seen for a long time.

YWAM Cluj was amazing, hosting over 70 people at one place, the base did a great job and they where very creative. At the conference around 120 people took part. They managed very well to logistical organise this meeting, and that everyone could really feel welcomed and well on the base. 

Dan Baumann, has inspired all of us to live 100% for God and to really enjoy our relationship with Jesus, that it is a an exciting journey to walk with Him every steps, even if sometimes we don't understand why we go through times of trial, but God is with us all the time. 

-Benjamin Simion
 YWAM Romania

Here are some pictures from our time together...  


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New location in Romania | YWAM Craiova

Adriana, Bogdan Family (Mihai, Ema, Timotei&Sara), Daniel, Flori, Cristina
It’s been almost three months since we moved to Oltenia (South West of Romania).
Craiova is the main city from this zone, with about 300 000 people, and only 0,3% evangelical (like in the Balkans).

We are grateful for everything we’ve achieved before moving here. The Lord surprised us with the transportation, through two people that offered to take us here. We rented a house ('glory house') for our center, with 5 bedrooms, at 2 kilometers from the city center.

Our vision is to help our generation to know the Lord and to fulfil God's calling for His glory, and to bring transformation to society, and all nations!

God encouraged us with Isaiah 43:19: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up... I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

With God's help we have already the minimum necessary for living in the house; beds & mattresses, plates, and other things that we have received in the last hour when we needed them. We still need a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, some furniture, and other things for the office and classroom...

So far we’ve enjoyed the fresh vegetables (cheaper than in Transylvania), receiving visitors (from the city and other places and even from Medias), and seeing the city (it has a beautiful center and many nice parks).

In the beginning, we prepared the field in PRAYER and prayer will remain a priority for us, but with our first team (from ProMission Festival, we lead the team for tree weeks in august) we also did research, evangelism, organized a kids camp, and a VBS, and served in a prison and in some local churches.

We look forward to organising the first Discipleship Training School in this autumn, (19th of Oct), focus on Prayer and Pioneering, with outreach in the Balkans.

In spite of the fact that many young people move from Oltenia, our prayer is that this area will become one that its people are joyful for living here and also this land will be a land in which people ”let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”(Amos 5:24).

Thank you for your support. We still need your prayers for:
Health, protection and guidance
Finances to complete equipping the house.
Bogdan family, as they move into an unfurnished apartment next to the base, before the DTS students will come.
Cristina, a husband
Daniel, Flori and Adriana (they will join us in October as staff), to have a good start and monthly support.
More DTS students.
Finances for house rent & administration

For the glory of God and His Kingdom,
Mihai & Ema Bogdan and Cristina Suciu

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Communication and Negotiation | YWAM CE Resource

Communication is a fundamental dimension of existence and human development from ancient times by transmitting information and feelings (opinions, ideas, attitudes) from one individual to another or from one social group to another.

We communicate in order to inform, train and command, integrate and maintain, to influence and persuade, guide and advise.

We have to consider that the information submitted is perceived as follows: 55% visually, 7% verbally and 38% non-verbally. In addition the assimilation of the same information and its processing is influenced by three factors:
Personality: Oriented towards action, results, concession, logic
Learning style: Visual, auditory and tactile
Gender: Men communicate directly vs. women communicate indirectly;

There is no wrong type of communication, but different. We must realize and accept the differences between communication modes without being bothered by them and create a suitable climate to communicate by being ourselves, tolerating and effective.

We meet many communication barriers: Language, environment, conception, perception, culture, language, the characteristics of individuals, and the position of the person who speaks. So when there are disagreements we should filter conversations by these categories in order to eliminate these infiltrations believing the best in the man near us.

For an effective communication we must keep in mind:
Partner’s personality
What the partner understands, not what we intend to communicate
The language used to be accessible
Successful communication is the responsibility of the person who communicates

Negotiation is viewed as the most effective way to communicate in order to cooperate to solve common problems and the parties’ mutually beneficial agreement.
You are not born as a negotiator, you learn to be one.

The success of a negotiation means using information acquired by planning, preparation and hearing the other party so as to obtain a mutual beneficial agreement by using the following keys:
Each person has their own style of negotiating, you must discover and apply it and adapt to the style of your partner
The knowledge about the purpose and motivation in order to transmit to the opponents determination, confidence and commitment
Personal relationships created between people facilitate reliable communication and decrease anxiety. Reciprocity Law: Loyalty, trust, fairness matters in negotiation
The interest of the other party is important. What will motivate them to serve their own interests helping us achieve our aim?

From my perspective, when we talk about negotiation and communication it is important to address them from three different perspectives: Personality, gender and culture of the individual. These features make us unique, beautiful and reflect the unity in diversity in the kingdom of God. Understanding this, communication and negotiation becomes our song that expresses the glory of God and to love our neighbor.

The gift of communication must be used in the service of our neighbor, as Paul says for strengthening, encouraging and comfort of people. And when you sit face to face at the negotiation table to solve a problem we have in mind the common and mutual benefits or “win –win style” as businessmen say.

Thus in all things: He gets the glory.

-Dana Diaconu
YWAM Romania