Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Romania | ProMission Festival

Every year during August, YWAM Medias leads the ProMission Festival. It's a time for young people to be transformed and have an impact in the society, being trained and sent to many places in the world. Young people coming from all over Romania and other countries.
We want to motivate youth to be involved in missions. We want to know Him more and let Him model our lives. When we discover Him more, we can't neglect His will but will be motivated to ACTION. That means to go out of your comfort zone, to give up your rights and obey God and serve others. ACTION means to listen God's voice when He is calling you to go and tell the world about Him.
Being part of the ProMission Festival you will experience short term missions and the advantages of knowing a new country and a new culture and understand God's heart for it. You also encourage the long’term missionaries in those locations, you can serve using your gifts during the holiday. You will leave miracles with God.

This year we were 70 youth who gave themselves and their time and holiday for God and the seven locations, in Romania, Jordan, Kenya, Rep. Moldova. We believe during this time God blessed us and blessed others. Some had unforgettable experiences with God during this time, others received a specific calling, others were confirmed their calling for long term missions. We were all blessed to live with Him.

ProMission Festival is happening during four weeks during august. First week is for meeting and training the teams. During that time, we have teaching, worship and intercession, team building and other activities, then the teams leave for outreach and serve in the place organised before. When they finish, we all come back together and meet everyone for the re-entry, sharing the experience we had and things we saw during the outreach and we take some time to be thankful to God for all He did.

Teo and Estera Ene,
ProMission coordinators.
YWAM MediaČ™, Romania

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Romania | Family Camps

This year we are very excited to be able to have for the first time two family camps. More families were able to participate, altogether we were close to 50 families. We are thankful to God for making this possible, for all the families that were on staff serving in the family camps, for all the families that took this time to invest in their family, and for all the people that supported financially. We could see God in all this, because for us it would have been impossible. How big is your God? This is one of our family mottos, and we get to experience this every day more and more in our lives and in the ministry. We serve a BIG God that deserves all the glory.

The first camp was in a mountain area and was led by 2 beautiful couples: Dani and Lidia Pop and Nicu and Roxy Nicolaescu. In this camp, among other things we have seen how God has spoken to the families and how He challenged them to a new depth of love and respect for one another. The couples that came to the camp only walking shoulder to shoulder so to speak left the camp hugging each other, and the couples that came without a direction for their family left with passion from God and what He has prepared for them. We saw children excited to see their parents hugging. It was a bit of an effort to see this camp happen, but it was worth it. The speakers for the camp were M. and L.  who are missionaries in Asia from Romania. It was such a blessing to have them speak from their lives.

The second camp was led by Beni and Daniela Simion and Dorel and Vasi Veja. This camp was different from all the camps we have had in past years. We feel like we went to a different level in ministering to the families. We had a special time of prayer in which each individual family went under a parachute and we prayed and committed each family into God’s hands. This changed the atmosphere of the camp. Families started to open and share their struggles and took new decisions for their family life. Christian and Fabiane Sollberger from Switzerland were the speakers for this camp. We were very touched by their humility and their openness to share from their lives. They connected so well with each family. Also, the kids were happy and we had a great group of teenagers that were responsible for the children’s ministry lead by Toni and Ionela Lazar.

We are looking with joy and high expectations to see how God will continue to lead us in Family Ministry here in Romania. We feel God has spoken to us and through different people that we should continue in a spirit of unity to have an impact outside. We need to have unity among the bases and ministries that we have in YWAM, and together we will have influence. Even if this can be challenging sometimes we have decided to take up the challenge to fight for this kind of unity.

Beni and Daniela Simion
YWAM MediaČ™

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Family Adventure Teams in Central Europe

This last summer (July 7-17) we had a few Family Adventure Teams from Norway in Central Europe. In Croatia we had a team of 3 families and in Bulgaria 4 families.  We were so blessed that these families would take their vacation time to serve with us. It was very encouraging to spend time with them and they definitely blessed the people they met while they were here with us.

In Croatia

In Croatia
Prayer was a big part of the way they blessed people in both locations. In Bulgaria they prayed for the sick and saw many be healed. In Croatia, the families even had the opportunity to hear the story of the lady of the house where they stayed and pray with her. Other ways they blessed was through street evangelism, dance, making waffles, playing with children, sharing and teaching in churches and youth meetings. They brought a healthy family atmosphere where ever they went and they showed Jesus in many fun ways.

In Bulgaria
In Bulgaria

 They imitated the way Jesus served on earth by traveling to villages and cities praying for the sick, eating meals with people, teaching them, and much much more. Whether it was by laying the concrete floor of a family in a village in Croatia or encouraging Roma families in Bulgaria we saw God use them to build his kingdom here. It was especially a encouraging to see how each family (and family member) put their whole heart into serving us and the people they met! We were so grateful for these beautiful families. God was glorified by the way they served here in Central Europe!

In Bulgaria
- Plamena Kratcova (Bulgaria) and Ana Morosan (Croatia)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

ABC Leadership Course

A way we define ourselves as YWAM-ers is that we are people of travels. I don’t know when you traveled last through mountains, but because you are a YWAM-er it should not take you long to remember. I will like you to go back and think about that trip, and the many curves you had to go through. Imagine the moment you went through each curve, without knowing what comes next, without having a GPS to show you what is after that curve. I think that life in ministry sometimes is like driving through each curve without seeing the route you go on. We know this: that we have to go forward and not get tired, even when we just passed a curve and we see ahead another one.   
“ABC Leadership” was an intensive course which helped the students to see the map of their “road”. As leader, I think we need sometimes to know where we go or to recognize different stages we go through. We started our journey with 11 students with the aim to take their eyes from the “road”, and help them create an overview of the life Jesus has for them. We went through four important modules in the course: the character of a leader in theory and practice, vision and strategy, the work of the leader (what a leader does) and testimonies from different leaders in different areas of society.   Beyond this topics, the biggest joy I had was that we managed to create a family atmosphere, were open and honest questions were asked and answered. This setting where learning is possible in a deeper level blessed me as a course leader. 

While the students enjoyed their time with Jesus, enjoyed the map of their “road” and an environment where they could learn, I enjoyed seeing the impact and the enthusiasm people have when they start to build a plan for their life and future steps. Because of this we want to continue with this course and help other young leaders stop and “watch” the map of their “road”.   

The leadership course was like a map received to help me rich my destination, help me fulfill my vision”. (Flori, student)

For me, the leadership course was a time were God spoke me about me calling, when I discovered that I am a leader, I discovered my gifts and I decided to dedicate my life to God." (Geo, student).  

Florin Mihaly, ELS Ministries , Cluj Napoca

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Albania | Bible Project

When Alket and I felt to pioneer the YWAM centre in Durres, one of the things we felt strongly was that Durres is a significant city in Albania and the region. Let me mention a couple of reasons: Paul came and preached the gospel to Durres and from there the gospel went into the other areas of Albania. Romans 15:19 "So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ" The first 70 Christian families in Albania got saved in 68 AD in Durres. In 1967 Albania wrote onthe constitution “We don’t believe in God” and became the first atheist nation in the world, the idea came from Durres. Reona Peterson Joly in 1973 was the first YWAM-er visiting Durres to pray and smuggle Bibles. Durres is the second biggest city in Albania and a gate to travel from any direction and to enter in Albania.

There are 200.000 – 300.000 tourists coming every summer from various nations but mainly from the Balkans. While praying, God spoke us to pioneer a ministry that will be a “living water which floods the region by reaching the hundreds of tourists” So starting from this summer we pioneered in Durres the project: “Reaching the Balkans, a Bible for every tourist” July – August 2016.

Having a heart for the young generation, we aimed not just to reach the tourists but also to give the young generation a heart for missions. We invited the churches to join us and with the help of a Lausanne DTS team, a Go Faith Team from Holland, youth from 4 churches in Albania and 12 YWAM Durres staff, we were able to give out 12000 Bibles and children books.

Alongside we ran a mini-DTS for the youth from the churches giving them the opportunity to live and be with us, tasting first-hand what is YWAM. Combining the worship, prayer walks, intercession, dancing, singing, face painting, sharing testimonies, giving out Bibles and mini-DTS, gave us the possibility to see people getting saved but also the youth went back to their churches transformed. It was a blessing to hear from their pastors the interest when we are going to run it again and if they can send more youth.

The project will continue every summer on July and August. Feel free to join us in this initiative. Contact us at ywamalbania(a)

Alket and Alma Sako
YWAM Albania National Leaders

Sunday, July 10, 2016

CE Family Gathering | Generosity

During the Central European Gathering YWAM Croatia made the announcement that they had signed papers to buy the above boat that they would be able to use for discipleship and training. After 10 years of having a vision for boat ministry, Jarod and Bexi's God-given dream came true. Ship ministry has been a part of YWAM's vision since 1978 when Loren had the vision of twin ministries - ships and the University - which he writes about in his book "Is that really You, God?"

Loren and Darlene felt that we should take up an offering for the boat. People gave sacrificially and it was a fantastic display of generosity for what God is doing in Central Europe.

Later that day, YWAM Constanta shared about their vision to buy a building in downtown Constanta.
In an amazing display of generosity and obedience, the YWAM Croatia team felt led to give the cash portion of the offering to the efforts of YWAM Constanta. The pledges they would still keep for the boat, but God prompted them to give all of the cash to the building.

Once again we saw how God can multiply what we give to bless more than just one ministry. Now, we as Central Europe have bought into two properties - one on the Adriatic Coast and one on the Black Sea coast. These displays of generosity were an encouragement to us all to carry on being generous in our every day lives and see how God will multiply that! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CE Family Gathing | Living the Kingdom together

KIDS :-) Life without them would be really boring. They’re always running, saying funny things, jumping, speaking straight forward what they see, expressing themselves in a totally different way than we adults do … Yet when we adults are trying to focus on "really important” things very often for us children can be an interruption due to their high level of energy and short attention span. Therefore very often we set up a separate special program for our kids so that we can focus in peace on some topics we believe only we can understand or may only be appropriate for adults. At times this is necessary yet often it is done simply out of comfort (for us or our children) or habit. It is true that it's a challenge to succeed in living the kingdom of God together. But still there is the question, how do our kids learn the most? Is it not the discipleship model we’ve learned in YWAM of “hear, see, and do?"

As King’s Kids Poland leaders we were really excited what God was doing in the CESG among us. He was clearly speaking and moving among us in a powerful way that was connecting us as a region. During one of the sessions we looked at each other with the same thought, “We are missing our kids in what God is doing among us! They also are part of our region and they need to be with us!” So the day when our friends from YWAM Croatia shared about their vision to purchase a boat, we knew that all kids should also be involved in what GOD is doing and feel included to learn and grow their own faith to see how God is Great for it is their inheritance also!

We were sure that God desired us to walk together in this boat process. God touched the KKI leaders from Romania as well and together we decided to meet with the DTS group leading the children’s sessions and share our heart with them to invite the kids to be partners and trust the Lord that He will as well speak to them! 

So there we were, a group of kids, adults, and our Heavenly Father getting to know each other first, then quieting our hearts in order to talk about the story of the boat. We all sat down before God and asked Him what do You want to tell us? How can we encourage this Croatian team and how can we bless those who trust You, God? It was one of the exciting and wonderful moments to listen to God in a multigenerational circle and see how the younger generation was so excited to head out on a adventure with Him. 

We were so encouraged to see how kids are open and were willing to share what God gave them about the boat! The next day we all gathered on the stage and worshiped God then shared a few things He showed us all. We are so happy that our little ones were part of the YWAM family and were able to share what God told them. The most touching part was when their hearts were blessing the boat crew and you could feel simple, truthful prayers coming from the bottom of their heart to bless and to proclaim “I’m a missionary too” . 

This experience confirmed to us and I hope to others that our kids are ready to be a part of something bigger than only the kids' program, (which is also necessary), but they are called to be the young Samuels, Esthers, Josiahs, and Marys of our time.  

We are so thankful, that we could be a part of this little puzzle in this big picture and learn together with our little brothers and sisters in Jesus. 

Greg and Erin Skrobarczyk
Kings Kids, YWAM Poland

Praying for the YWAM Croatia team and their new boat

Monday, July 4, 2016

CE Family Gathering | Testimonies

We had a wonderful time at our Central European Gathering at the end of May. We were so blessed to have Loren and Darlene Cunningham sharing at the staff gathering., as well as Sasha, from the Ukraine share at our leadership gathering. Click here for a more detailed report on what happened. 

We also asked people to tell us what they felt God did at the gathering or what they have taken away and here is some of what they said: 
  • Hear God, obey Him, don't quit! Darlene's advice on how not to quit - wonderfully practical! Darlene's session on family in ministry was essential teaching that we should hear more often about. Keep rehearsing the words God has given you. It's ok to ask for confirmation of a word that is taking a long time to come to fulfillment. 
  • I was so challenged and inspired by Sasa, hearing what is happening just across our Eastern border in Ukraine. I never thought of looking East for resources and support before. "good ministry comes out of good community" advice on what to do when your location is in decline and the different phases of ministry (pioneer, building, etc) were super-helpful.
  • It was the first time that almost our complete team attended the gathering and it felt so good to experience the worship, input and fun together. It reminded us what we are connected to, who our family is and where our roots are (in the CE area and more importantly the history and words that have shaped YWAM international). One long term staff member who attended the CESG for the first time said "It's good to be reminded of why I like YWAM!"
  • It was such a great blessing to listen to Darlene, not only the teaching she gave full of encouragements and challenges, but also to see her inspiring passion and faith in fulfilling the dream God has given.
  • God reinforced STRONGLY my calling to be father-pastor to the younger YWAMers in my country, and He gave me new ideas about how to do this.
  • The vision of Loren with the Bible in every house in the world: I also want to be a part of that.
  • God increased my faith! To not just hear God and Obey, but to never give up and He is still working!
  • The Czechs, Slovaks and Poles are going to skype every month for prayer & support. Perhaps it will develop into working more closely together in the future. We will implement the Crisis Manual, Emergency Staff Info Sheet and Child Protection Policies in our locations. We will go through the Signpost messages as a staff and consider what they mean for us.
  • Encouragement from the Cunningham's : hearing God's voice, obey it and don't quit.
  • Recognize the stages where you are in your ministry and make the right shifting in God's timing by including others and giving space to other gifts to operate.
We hope these testimonies will give you a small taste of what God was doing during the gatherings and how we all went away encouraged and refreshed and able to continue in what He has for us in this region! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

YWAM Central Europe | Family Gathering

Every other year, we have a staff gathering for the YWAM staff in the Central European area, which is made up of 16 countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Slovakia. There are about 240 staff working in 14 of these countries and we always have a lot of fun coming together to be encouraged, network, exchange experiences and have a good time as a YWAM family.

For the third time we were in Vajta, Hungary at the Calvary Chapel Conference Centre and it is such a wonderful place:
We were privileged to have YWAM's founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham as our keynote speakers. Even at 80 and 77, they are going strong! We really enjoyed hearing some of their experiences leading YWAM for 56 years and they really had something for everyone from Loren's visionary ideas to Darlene's practical "how to stay healthy" message.

We also had some fun things happen at the conference: like hearing about many new initiatives: including  one where dreams that have been in place for over 10 years are coming true for our friends in Croatia - they bought a boat to use for ministry there!
It was an all ages conference with almost 60 children attending. Here we have the children even praying for the different nations represented. We had great teams doing children's programs and all of the children had a wonderful time!
After such a great gathering, it was really hard to say goodbye to so many quality people from all over our region - so it isn't goodbye, but until we meet again :)