Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Romania | Family Camps

This year we are very excited to be able to have for the first time two family camps. More families were able to participate, altogether we were close to 50 families. We are thankful to God for making this possible, for all the families that were on staff serving in the family camps, for all the families that took this time to invest in their family, and for all the people that supported financially. We could see God in all this, because for us it would have been impossible. How big is your God? This is one of our family mottos, and we get to experience this every day more and more in our lives and in the ministry. We serve a BIG God that deserves all the glory.

The first camp was in a mountain area and was led by 2 beautiful couples: Dani and Lidia Pop and Nicu and Roxy Nicolaescu. In this camp, among other things we have seen how God has spoken to the families and how He challenged them to a new depth of love and respect for one another. The couples that came to the camp only walking shoulder to shoulder so to speak left the camp hugging each other, and the couples that came without a direction for their family left with passion from God and what He has prepared for them. We saw children excited to see their parents hugging. It was a bit of an effort to see this camp happen, but it was worth it. The speakers for the camp were M. and L.  who are missionaries in Asia from Romania. It was such a blessing to have them speak from their lives.

The second camp was led by Beni and Daniela Simion and Dorel and Vasi Veja. This camp was different from all the camps we have had in past years. We feel like we went to a different level in ministering to the families. We had a special time of prayer in which each individual family went under a parachute and we prayed and committed each family into God’s hands. This changed the atmosphere of the camp. Families started to open and share their struggles and took new decisions for their family life. Christian and Fabiane Sollberger from Switzerland were the speakers for this camp. We were very touched by their humility and their openness to share from their lives. They connected so well with each family. Also, the kids were happy and we had a great group of teenagers that were responsible for the children’s ministry lead by Toni and Ionela Lazar.

We are looking with joy and high expectations to see how God will continue to lead us in Family Ministry here in Romania. We feel God has spoken to us and through different people that we should continue in a spirit of unity to have an impact outside. We need to have unity among the bases and ministries that we have in YWAM, and together we will have influence. Even if this can be challenging sometimes we have decided to take up the challenge to fight for this kind of unity.

Beni and Daniela Simion
YWAM MediaČ™

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Family Adventure Teams in Central Europe

This last summer (July 7-17) we had a few Family Adventure Teams from Norway in Central Europe. In Croatia we had a team of 3 families and in Bulgaria 4 families.  We were so blessed that these families would take their vacation time to serve with us. It was very encouraging to spend time with them and they definitely blessed the people they met while they were here with us.

In Croatia

In Croatia
Prayer was a big part of the way they blessed people in both locations. In Bulgaria they prayed for the sick and saw many be healed. In Croatia, the families even had the opportunity to hear the story of the lady of the house where they stayed and pray with her. Other ways they blessed was through street evangelism, dance, making waffles, playing with children, sharing and teaching in churches and youth meetings. They brought a healthy family atmosphere where ever they went and they showed Jesus in many fun ways.

In Bulgaria
In Bulgaria

 They imitated the way Jesus served on earth by traveling to villages and cities praying for the sick, eating meals with people, teaching them, and much much more. Whether it was by laying the concrete floor of a family in a village in Croatia or encouraging Roma families in Bulgaria we saw God use them to build his kingdom here. It was especially a encouraging to see how each family (and family member) put their whole heart into serving us and the people they met! We were so grateful for these beautiful families. God was glorified by the way they served here in Central Europe!

In Bulgaria
- Plamena Kratcova (Bulgaria) and Ana Morosan (Croatia)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

ABC Leadership Course

A way we define ourselves as YWAM-ers is that we are people of travels. I don’t know when you traveled last through mountains, but because you are a YWAM-er it should not take you long to remember. I will like you to go back and think about that trip, and the many curves you had to go through. Imagine the moment you went through each curve, without knowing what comes next, without having a GPS to show you what is after that curve. I think that life in ministry sometimes is like driving through each curve without seeing the route you go on. We know this: that we have to go forward and not get tired, even when we just passed a curve and we see ahead another one.   
“ABC Leadership” was an intensive course which helped the students to see the map of their “road”. As leader, I think we need sometimes to know where we go or to recognize different stages we go through. We started our journey with 11 students with the aim to take their eyes from the “road”, and help them create an overview of the life Jesus has for them. We went through four important modules in the course: the character of a leader in theory and practice, vision and strategy, the work of the leader (what a leader does) and testimonies from different leaders in different areas of society.   Beyond this topics, the biggest joy I had was that we managed to create a family atmosphere, were open and honest questions were asked and answered. This setting where learning is possible in a deeper level blessed me as a course leader. 

While the students enjoyed their time with Jesus, enjoyed the map of their “road” and an environment where they could learn, I enjoyed seeing the impact and the enthusiasm people have when they start to build a plan for their life and future steps. Because of this we want to continue with this course and help other young leaders stop and “watch” the map of their “road”.   

The leadership course was like a map received to help me rich my destination, help me fulfill my vision”. (Flori, student)

For me, the leadership course was a time were God spoke me about me calling, when I discovered that I am a leader, I discovered my gifts and I decided to dedicate my life to God." (Geo, student).  

Florin Mihaly, ELS Ministries , Cluj Napoca